Friday, January 25, 2019

Living Room Furniture & Decor Our Design Staff Can't Live Without

Everyone knows what goes in a living room: sofa, chairs, coffee, or cocktail table. Although the sofa is almost always going to take center stage, the supporting players in your living room décor can make or break the entire look. With these tips, you can put together a well-decorated living room that your family can enjoy and one that will also impress your guests.


The Perfect Accent Chair

A great accent chair is a must-have piece of living room furniture. Beautiful design and super comfortable are two things to look for in an accent or occasional chair. When designing a space that is interesting and comfortable, you want a chair that has both those qualities, such as the Bali Hai Shoreline Chair from Tommy Bahama. The rolled arms and curled fern wood accents highlight the room’s casual appeal. It helps create a space that makes you want to linger, sit awhile, and maybe read a good book.

A Beautiful Area Rug

When you have a big open area, as living rooms tend to be, a beautiful area rug can transform your room. It can provide texture and take a back seat to your furniture, or it can be a real statement piece through the use of pattern and color. Whichever you choose, it brings the space together and says a lot about your personality and your home.

glass and metal coffee table

A Coffee Table to Add Functionality

Some may think that the coffee table is a secondary piece of living room furniture, but it can be a detail that brings the other living room furniture pieces together, making the room more complete. If a cocktail table is more your style, that’s okay. Coffee/cocktail tables come in all shapes and sizes and can be made from all types of materials, including wood, metal, glass, and more. Many people go without a coffee table because they feel it makes the room look cluttered, but a glass and metal version such as the Orleans Rectangular Cocktail Table from Bernhardt takes up less visual space while adding functionality to the room.

Something Personal to Make the Space Your Own

And last but not least, something personal to really put your mark on the room. Family photos, paintings passed down from your parents, or even your own or a family member’s original artwork are great ways to make a living room look and feel homey. Without these little touches, the space would seem cold and less welcoming.

The living room is probably the main gathering place in your home. It’s where you relax, socialize, and entertain. As such, it deserves to be styled and accessorized according to your personal taste. From a well-styled coffee table to functional furniture, these tips from designers will help make your living room complete.

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