Saturday, November 3, 2018

Gray Bedroom Ideas That Are Anything but Gloomy

Gray is often dismissed as a drab, dull, and unemotional color. However, this versatile color can blend with warm hues to create a laid-back space, play with pops of bright colors and patterns for a playful space, or take over a room for a cool, sophisticated look. When done right, gray can have a startlingly beautiful impact in your interior décor.

A blend of black and white, gray is by definition of neutral. Decorating with gray can be bright and beautiful, dark and dramatic, and warm or cool. If you don’t want white walls, but want to keep your space bright, pale gray is a great way to do so. Alternatively, if you want a fresh take on the architectural details found in a traditional home, a dark gray can make them really stand out.

beautiful bedroom in shades of gray

Choose the Right Gray for Your Space

A true gray is generally considered a cool neutral, but this can shift depending on the undertones of the hue. For example, a gray with yellow or red undertones will seem warm. Silver and blue undertones are cooler. Check out a few grays and see which ones seem cool or warm to you. Identify the undertones. This way you can choose the gray that will create the atmosphere you want. And knowing the undertones will help you choose accent colors and accessories that keep the mood you want.

Most gray shades are good options for bedroom walls. Deep charcoal grays work well for traditional bedrooms, while midtone grays showcase industrial metals and clean lines. Dove grays make a room look larger and brighter and work well with sophisticated transitional design, such as the Soliloquy Camille Queen Bed with Panels by Universal. Not only do the two wall panels create a dramatic look, but the neutral fabric also goes with any décor. A palette of grays – charcoal, pewter, and dove – can make a monochromatic bedroom come to life.

gray bedroom with rosy accents

Coordinate Colors to Get the Right Look

Whether the gray in your room is the star, a supporting player, or just has a cameo role, gray plays well with a range of color shades, from brights to pastels. Winning combinations for most grays are red, gold, black, white, cream, and silver. Navy works with pale, blue-shaded grays, while pale silvery grays pair well with deep grays. But don’t be afraid to use color, as grays pair well with citron, turquoise, orange, and pink, as seen in the bedroom above featuring the Bungalow Cottage Queen Bed from Paula Deen by Universal.

Keep in mind that, as with any color combination, the more extreme the contrast, the more energetic the space will feel. This is particularly important when putting together a palette for your bedroom. If you are going for a peaceful space, combine hues of similar intensity. This is also seen above, as the pinks and grays play a supporting role without clashing.

Let in the Light with Shimmer and Shine

Gray can go gloomy, so make sure you have enough light in your bedroom. Dress the windows with sheer curtains in white or the palest gray. Use mirrors, silver frames, crystal chandeliers, and metallic to intensify and reflect any natural light in the room. Layer the lighting in the room with ceiling fixtures, standing and table lamps, and recessed lighting.

Calm and soothing, bright and cheerful, or daring and dramatic, the color gray is anything but dull and dreary when you use this versatile shade.

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