Saturday, October 6, 2018

Relax: Incorporating a Leather Recliner into Your Decor Is Easier Than You Think

Our lives get pretty busy and sometimes we forget to slow down and recharge. There just seems to be so much to get done. The dangers of neglecting yourself in this way can create more, not less, stress in your life, which can lead to stress-related health issues such as obesity, anxiety, high blood pressure, and heart problems. So take a deep breath and remember that sometimes it is okay to slow your roll and take it easy.

Recliners have a bad rep for being chunky, clunky, and hard to decorate around. Yet, they are sooo comfortable. Here are three ways to incorporate a recliner into your décor: Reimagine It, Scale It, or Forget It. So, incorporate these ideas into your decor and very soon you will be putting your feet up and relaxing in the perfect leather recliner.

cool brown leather loungers

Reimagine It: A Recliner by Any Other Name

These days, recliners don’t always look like recliners. They can be masquerading as club chairs, channel back chairs, or even sofas. For example, this leather reclining sofa by Natuzzi offers comfort and ease at the end of a long day. Yet it doesn’t scream recliner. It’s about as far from your grandpa’s recliner as you can get.

The visible wood legs and smooth leather give this recliner-sofa a contemporary and casual vibe. And it has all the modern conveniences, such as power recline and customized motion. Custom leather options means it can fit in with any color palette.

white leather loungers

Scale It: Size Does Matter

While oversized artwork, accessories, and lighting can make a statement, furniture should be balanced and in scale with the space. This often makes recliners tricky. They are often the furniture equivalent of bullies: They force all the other furniture outward to the perimeter of the room. That is until manufacturers took note and began producing contemporary and modern versions of recliners.

You can solve this problem by making sure your recliner is proportionate to the rest of your furniture. This living room group features white leather furniture that keeps everything in the same scale. The sleek pillow top arms and boxed-edge cushion provide comfortable seating while the padded headrest on the back gives you additional support.

comfortable stressless recliner

Forget It: Hiding in Plain Sight

Let’s face it, sometimes a recliner just isn’t right for the space. Or maybe you don’t want to risk alienating your spouse. But that doesn’t mean you need to give up comfort for style. You can have both. Choosing a lounge chair and ottoman can give you the ability to put up your feet at will – just like a recliner – but is more streamlined. And the ottoman can serve as additional seating in a pinch.

Minimalists and mid-century modern lovers will no doubt appreciate the Stressless Collection by Ekornes. The clean lines make this recliner less bulky than many of its contemporaries and the streamlined, two-stem base creates a light and airy look that won’t overwhelm the room. In addition, it is ergonomically correct to give you the best comfort whether you are watching TV or dozing off. The detached ottoman helps customize the recliner to your dimensions.

Your home should reflect how you use the space, and that means it should give you comfort. With these options, you can have your recliner without sacrificing your style. So when you are ready, settle into your comfy leather recliner, put your feet up, and say “Ahh!”

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