Saturday, September 29, 2018

Spice Up Your Interior Décor with the Color Red

Red is the color of love, but if you love it too much, you may be seeing red all over your house. Red can be happy and cheery or angry and aggressive, and everywhere in between. That’s something you need to remember when using red in your room décor. But how do you know when too much red is too much, and when it is not enough?

You can use red as an accent color in everything from candles to lighting to walls and pillows. Accents of red can bring attention to other elements in a room that you might not otherwise notice. The idea is to intrigue, entice, and invite without hitting you over the head cave-man style and dragging you in.

Although red can make a room pop (I’m still lobbying for a red sofa in my home), too much red can be too much. When it comes to this passionate color of love, less is often just enough.

When deciding on what shade of red to use in your home, take into consideration your decorating style. Red is a color that needs to be used mindfully, and choosing the right shade is part of the process.

Find the Right Red for Your Style

  • Contemporary design often mixes bold pops of color with an otherwise natural palette. Add bright red shades with pillows, rugs, or throws.
  • Modern design requires all types of reds, from primary colors to classic shades with brown or burgundy undertones. Inject red with a bold painting or piece of art.
  • Traditional design avoids primary red and uses burgundy and reds with black tones. Incorporate Oriental rugs with darker reds in them.
  • Transitional design uses a neutral palette; pops of red really stand out on this neutral background. Opt for a soft and subtle approach such as adding a red piece of art or a lamp.
  • Country reds are softer and chalkier, almost faded and aged like the side of an old red barn. Look for reds with pink or purple hues. Use country reds in fabrics, pillows, and accessories.

beautiful red headboard
The modern bedroom above features a red upholstered headboard that makes a statement, flanked by two stunning pieces of art. The otherwise neutral palette makes these pops of color stand out. The Ariana St. Tropez Queen Bed from Lexington expresses timeless romance and sophistication. The clean lines and subdued gray woods are the perfect foil for the red headboard and tie the entire space together.

oriental area rug with red colors
An area rug, especially Oriental, is an ideal way to add the color red, regardless of your décor. This room-sized rug brings in rich, regal color into the monochromatic dining room. It pairs perfectly with the European-inspired Preserve Artichoke Pedestal Table by Stanley Furniture. The white glaze gives the table an aged look that melts into the vibrant reds of the area rug. The architectural details on the host chairs bring transitional elements into the space.

As you can see, red is not a color for the faint of heart. However, it is never boring and always versatile. It can be used to make a space feel contemporary, rustic, traditional, or timeless, depending on the shade you choose and the way you use it. A dash of red can warm up a cool room or add drama to a neutral room.

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