Thursday, September 6, 2018

What Is Eclectic Décor? Dos and Don'ts

Have you ever gone into someone’s house and fell in love with the comfortable, casual mix of time periods, textures, trends, colors, and styles? Chances are you’ve wandered into a room decorated in eclectic style. There’s a difference between a well-thought-out eclectic room and a room that is a hodge-podge of elements that don’t seem to go together at all.

Although it may seem like anything goes in eclectic design, there are a few dos and don’ts when orchestrating an elegant pairing of old and new. Check out the dos and don'ts below and see if you can identify the dos in this room featuring the Synchronicity Bedroom Group by Universal.

beautiful eclectic bedroom decor

Do: Pay Attention to Your Layout

When designing an eclectic style room, it’s easy to get hyper-focused on choosing the textures, colors, and patterns that will pull the look together. Not that those elements aren’t important, but the layout is also an important element. Maybe even more than the fabrics or colors. How you arrange your furniture will make it more welcoming and inviting. Before you purchase anything, have a clear plan where each furniture piece will go. This way, you will know what you have space for in the room.

Don’t: Forget to Create a Focal Point

Keep in mind as you plan out your room that although eclectic style involves combining periods and styles, the look shouldn’t seem haphazard or unfocused. Choose one eye-catching element such as a bold, decorative item or accent wall.

Do: Design for Practicality

Remember that your room will be lived in, so be sure to include useful pieces. Thinking about how you will use the room can help you pull it together. Baskets, drink trays, card tables, and bookshelves can all add a cozy, lived-in atmosphere to your design.

Do: Create a Cohesive Design throughout Your Home

Eclectic style mixes many styles together, but in a cohesive way. So make sure each room in your home does the same. You want them to complement each other by carrying eclecticism throughout your home. If you change styles abruptly from room to room your home will seem disjointed.

Do: Create Continuity with Color

Choose one color to unify your design. This color should run through your design to pull together the overall look.

Don’t: Compare Too Many Colors

When choosing your go-to color, you may be tempted to paint samples on the wall, and then choose from the lineup of colors. This can make it much more confusing. Try painting the colors you like onto boards, and look at them on their own. Your painted boards will come in handy when shopping for fabrics and décor since they are easy to take with you.

Do: Find Balance

Use scale and symmetry to create balance. Even if the pieces have different textures, are different styles, or are from different periods, similar lines will create design harmony.

Don’t: Confuse Eclectic for Anything Goes

There’s a difference between collected and layered and distracting and busy. While it’s okay to break some rules, eclectic doesn’t mean breaking them all. Limit the number of contrasting styles you use in any one room so that the style looks purposeful and curated, not random.

Do: Try New Styles

When you add a new style to your eclectic décor and are unsure of the outcome, refrain from changing it right away. Wait until you have completed your room and live with it for a while. The things that you are sure will annoy you when you first put your room together often turn out to be inconsequential when the design is complete. That paint color might have seemed brighter than you expected at first, but once you’ve added furniture and accessories, it might just be perfect.

Don’t: Be Shy

A multitude of patterns, fabrics, textures, and items are the hallmarks of eclectic style. So go wild. Home accents such as area rugs, throw pillows, and artwork are great ways to bring the right level of mismatch into any space.

How did you do?

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