Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Best Bookshelf Styling Tips for Book Lovers

Are you a book lover? Then you are probably always looking for a place to put your books. Sooner or later, piling them up by the side of your bed or in the family room just won’t do. If your favorite thing to do is to find a comfy spot and lose yourself in a good book, these tips are for you. They'll help you create perfect bookshelf look to keep your books neat, tidy, and handy.
Bookshelves often do double duty, housing books and displaying accessories and decorative items. Even book lovers can agree that their shelves should be both fully functional and perfectly pleasing to the eye.

beautiful bookshelf

A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place

If you want your bookshelves to look neat and organized, resist the urge to pack everything in. Keep a clean look by using two colors: a bright white for accessories and a dark wood bookshelf. Mix up shapes and heights and place items off-center.

Step back every once in a while to assess your design and make changes when necessary. Continue until you like what you see. It’s okay to let the design “rest” a day or two and then make your edits. The Cherry Creek Bookcase Modular Wall System by Hooker Furniture gives you plenty of options for storing books and decorative items. It features doors to conceal clutter (we all know that happens sometimes) as well as adjustable shelving and canister lights to display special pieces.

Tips for Adding Interest

  • Alternate horizontally and vertically stacked books for visual interest.
  • Use your accessories and picture frames as bookends.
  • Create display platforms by stacking books horizontally and placing objects or small potted plants on them.
  • Play with layers on deep bookshelves by leaning artwork against stacked books.
  • Organize shelves by color to create a decorative look without accessories.
  • Hang mounted pieces of art off the shelves to break up the line of books.
mid century modern bookshelf

Less Is More: More Space, That Is

Some bookshelves call for a sparse look, so in these instances group together a small set of books that are about the same size. Accessorize with simple vases and metallic accessories, leaving plenty of open space to let the styling shine through.

This grouping of Shadow Play Windsor Open Bookcases by Lexington could easily overpower the spaces, but the airy combination of books and accessories keeps the d├ęcor light. The adjustable glass shelves help you get the most out of this storage while keeping the open feeling.


Alternative Arrangement Provides an Eclectic Vibe

To create an eclectic and interesting display, organize your accessories and books on staggered or odd-shaped shelving. Horizontal and vertical shelves make the Ocean Club Tradewinds Bookcase/Etagere from Tommy Bahama even more interesting with small and large compartments. For a living room bookshelf, place two units together and arrange the most attention-grabbing books and artwork at eye level for guests to peruse.

When decorating shelves, highlighting accessories gives you the most impact. When you have art pieces that have a variety of styles, they can all work together on a bookshelf, as long as colors coordinate. So, now that you have impeccably styled bookshelves, what are you going to read next?

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