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Take the Home Décor Personality Quiz

If you are having trouble redecorating your home, it could be because you are not sure what your style is and how to find the right furniture and accessories. No need to worry. We’ve outlined each style below and matched them to a color personality. Take the quiz to find your match.

Take the Home Decor Personality Quiz

beautiful mid-centru modern family room

If Your Style Is Mid-Century Modern

An iconic furniture aesthetic, mid-century modern’s minimalist silhouettes, simple lines, and natural shapes make it instantly recognizable. It is known for its creative ways of using the once new materials such as aluminum, molded plastic, and plywood. Although the term refers to 1950’s furniture style, it wasn’t in use until the 1980's, when this style regained popularity. Accessories include starburst clocks, geometric patterns on rugs, pillow, and wall art, as well as wood furniture and trims.

The style is uncluttered and the palette leans toward colors such as browns, golds, turquoise or aqua, medium greens, and bright oranges and pinks. The Shadow Play collection from Lexington Furniture is a contemporary take on mid-century modern. It features sleek lines, mixes metals and wood, and is available in hundreds of colors that pop.

If Your Style Is Coastal Cottage

Drawing on the ocean for inspiration, coastal style blends traditional fabrics with beachy accessories that create a relaxed, beach house feel. The look is crisp and sophisticated, not fussy, frilly, or cluttered, with a palette of whites, neutrals, and blues. Accent colors include corals and blue-greens. This style features easy-going pieces with organic, clean lines for a cozy vibe. Accessories are beach-inspired, such as pieces of coral or shells, botanical prints, and brass hardware.

The Mirren Harbor collection from Broyhill Furniture mixes modern sophistication with warm cottage love for a laid-back look that is the epitome of coastal cottage style.

pretty pastel traditional style living room

If Your Style Is Traditional

Do you love traditional furniture and classic home design? It’s okay to admit it. Traditional décor gets its inspiration from the past, but it doesn’t look dated. This style has remained popular because it exudes comfort and warmth. Every piece feels welcomingly familiar, like an old friend. It’s full of skirted pieces that feel cozily balanced by leggy chairs and tables arranged to inspire conversation. The colors are neutral, mellow, and laid-back.

Beige, cream, taupe, and tan are traditional colors, but you can mix in new neutrals such as such as tea rose, pale peach, mint, lavender, and lilac in restrained prints, as seen in the Paula Deen Home collection by Universal. Bright colors such as sunshine yellow, turquoise, or fuchsia will be out of place.

eclectic dining room

If Your Style Is Eclectic

Eclectic style draws from many influences to merge what seem like unrelated pieces into a cohesive design. It is arguably the hardest style to do well. You don’t have to stick to a particular profile or periods, but you do have to stick to the fundamentals of good design. It’s about knowing which rules you can break with impunity and collecting what you love. With this style, you have to be careful not to stray from contrast into chaos. When it comes to color, mixing bold colors with neutrals, or bright shades with lighter hues is the way to go.

If you want to elevate your style into the realms of successful eclecticisms, start with the Panavista Collection from Stanley Furniture. This mix of shapes and materials screams eclectic design. When done right, it demonstrates your bold style and a strong personality.

soothing transitional style bedroom

If Your Style Is Transitional

Transitional style is known for its fresh material combinations, decorative elements, and vivid colors, making it ideal for designing one-of-a-kind rooms. Although the design is about meeting in the middle, the look is not middle of the road. You get the best of both worlds: still comfortable and familiar, but with the ability to freshen the look when you wish. You can incorporate current trends without having to toss out your favorite pieces, and create a space that exudes harmony.

The transitional palette features neutrals to create a backdrop that lets colorful accents pop. Don’t be afraid to experiment with pieces that have unusual details, such as this bedroom with pieces from the aptly named Vibe Collection by Broyhill. Let your creative side run wild as you add attractive touches that exemplify your personal style. After all, it’s your home, why should it be ordinary when you are anything but?

tropical style sitting area

If Your Style Is Tropical

Botanical motifs and patterns give this style its lush detail. The luscious tropical palette features the colors of tropical foliage such as greens, browns, and blues complemented by neutral ivory and sandy beige. Alternatively, you can opt for muted shades of olive and sage blended with vibrant greens to add texture. Or, if you prefer, add some spice with the warm reds, corals, oranges, and yellows borrowed from exotic flowers.

White walls create the perfect backdrop for a vibrant palette of greens, corals, and blues, evoking the salty fresh smell of the ocean waves and the sometimes startlingly loud chorus of brightly colored birds. Crushed bamboo, woven raffia, and rattan give this style its laid-back appeal and fun tropical prints keep in lively. The Twin Palms Collection by Tommy Bahama takes tropical furniture to the next level, turning your home into a destination resort that you can relax in all year long.

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