Saturday, July 21, 2018

6 Home Décor Trends Inspired by Travel

Travel souvenirs are by their very nature a little kitschy, a little tacky, and a whole lot of fun. When you are enjoying your vacation these little trinkets are hard to resist. However, once you get them home, you may wonder what in the world you should do with them.

I say, incorporate influences of your favorite places into your home décor. It’s a great way to personalize your space. Here are six decor trends inspired by travel to get you started.

leather couch and map of the world

1) Put Your Voyage on Your Wall

One way to incorporate a travel vibe into your space is to use maps as design elements. You can use colorful maps you picked up on your travels, or framed maps that represent where you’d like to go. Nothing says sophisticated design like a vintage-inspired map of an iconic city such as Paris, New York, or London. The Foster Sofa by Bernhardt in brown leather adds to the well-traveled look of this space. You can just imagine relaxing in its depths and planning your next adventure.

2) Decorate with Travel Trunks and Old Suitcases

Decorating with vintage, or vintage-looking trunks and old suitcases is a trend that’s here to stay. You can stack them and use them as side or coffee tables, or just put one in a corner to remind yourself that you’re ready to go on an adventure at a moment’s notice. I’ve seen them used as small plant stands, storage on top of an armoire, and impromptu night stands. There are countless ways to incorporate vintage luggage into your décor.

tropical-inspired carved rosewood chest

3) Add Accent Pieces to Your Décor

If you love the tropics and can’t wait to get back there, bring a little tropical flair into your home. This Landara Balboa Carved rosewood chest from Tommy Bahama is Asian in shape and style, but adorned with exquisitely carved flowers, palms, and tropical grasses to give your space exotic appeal. It’s also a stylish way to add a little extra storage to your space.

4) Create a Postcard Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are back (or they never really left), and a fun way to liven up a casual space such as an office or a guest room is to make a gallery wall out of postcards and photographs from your travels. You can frame them if you're super fancy and hang them with vintage-style travel signs. Or create a bulletin board display for your office.

5) Add a Travel Inspired Area Rug

If you fell in love with the vibrant colors of Spain or the deep blues of the Mediterranean Sea, you can add that inspiration to any room with the right area rug. A Moroccan influenced kilim with a handcrafted look will bring exotic comfort into your home.

6) Style Your Shelves with Souvenirs

Let’s get back to those kitschy souvenirs I mentioned earlier. Create distinctive shelf styling by mixing and matching your souvenirs into little vignettes. Keep in mind the basics: balance your shapes, heights, and colors just like you would any accessories on a shelf or coffee table. Mix in books and postcards to complete the look.

Learn more about international styles that create a well-traveled design style.

There are many ways to decorate with travel-inspired pieces. And it doesn’t matter whether you are a world traveler or just want to be one. Maybe you just want to give your favorite destination a nod. Whatever the reason, begin with the suggestions and go where the journey takes you.

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