Thursday, June 28, 2018

Baer's Furniture Reviews: The Best Furniture Shopping Experience

Furniture shopping can be exciting, stressful, and confusing all at the same time. So many choices, so many decisions, so many challenges when you want to find just the right piece or pieces for your home. Luckily, Baer's Furniture is here to help. At Baer's, you'll find a helpful sales staff, an in-house complimentary design service, and a professional delivery service that will make the entire experience stress-free and enjoyable.

Read the Baer's Furniture reviews below to find out more about the furniture buying experience at Baer's.

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Monday, June 4, 2018

How to Choose the Right Area Rug for Your Space

There are many good reasons to add an area rug to your décor. They provide cushioning, comfort, and warmth on a wood, tile, or concrete floor. You can even layer them over carpeting to add some artistic flair to a room’s design. Some even consider area rugs artwork for the floor. However, adding the right area rug to a space is often a big concern when you are trying to create a well-balanced room.

Some designers say to start with the area rug first, and match the rest of the décor to it. While this method has its benefits – you can select paint colors, throw pillows, and artwork to go with the area rug – it isn’t always practical.

Whether you choose your area rug before or after you choose the rest of your décor, just remember this general rule: your area rug should be at least 6 inches from the wall and no more than 2 feet away from it. Follow the tips below to choose the right area rug for your space.

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