Thursday, May 31, 2018

How to Incorporate International Style into Your Interior Décor

Style may come and go, but classic elements of interior design will never go away. A variety of fabrics, prints, colors, and accessories can be used to create a stunning variety of home designs. And this includes inspiration from international styles that create a well-traveled design style.

asian-inspired dining room

Minimalist Asian-Inspired Design

One of the fundamental principles of Asian-inspired interior décor is simplicity and a connection to nature that creates a feeling of serenity, peace, and harmony. Its minimalist aesthetic has deep roots in the concept of ancient Zen philosophy in keeping with today’s desire for minimalist, uncluttered lives.

This interior décor style inspires a feeling of tranquility, with stylish houseplants and carefully curated shelves displaying only the items that bring you joy. A pair of Island Fusion Tonga Tiered Bookcases by Tommy Bahama fills your home with natural elements key to Asian-inspired design.

Balance is often the key defining element of Asian design, so you need the right balance of colors, textures, and elements. Even if you are only adding touches of this design style to your space, remember that it works best in a clean, minimalist design.

french-inspired decor in bedroom

Romantic French-Inspired Design

French interior décor can be summed up with two basic elements: crystal chandeliers and fresh-cut flowers. A crystal chandelier adds a touch of Parisian glamour and a bouquet of fresh flowers gives the space a romantic atmosphere. The French certainly know how to create chic spaces, and with a few tips, so can you.

Nothing makes a bedroom more romantic than soft curves and gleaming metallic accents, and this is totally in keeping with French décor. The Miramont Bedroom Group by Bernhardt creates a striking yet sophisticated look that brings French glamour into your home. In addition to muted color palettes, such as creamy white, soft sage green, blush pinks and light blue, French décor always includes a warming touch of silver or gold, since glamour is the foundation of their elegant creations.

English cottage inspired breakfast room

English Cottage Inspired Design

English cottage style is known for the warm, cozy feelings it evokes. It’s more about creating a mood than checking off a list of must-have elements. The look is more casual and developed over time than carefully collected and curated. With the right supporting players, your décor can sprout into signature English cottage style.

A vintage-inspired pedestal table, such as the Paula Deen Home Round Pedestal Table by Universal, offers the perfect setting for brunch or small, intimate gatherings. Everything else – the floral curtains, ladder back chairs, and circular area rug – nods to the table’s vintage appeal without overpowering it.

Floral patterns on upholstery, pillows, and curtains are just one way to bring the glory of a country garden inside, and they last much longer than cut flowers. Painted pieces and bead-board walls or wainscoting are also signature elements of English cottage style.

Whether inspired by your own globe-trotting adventures, or just leafing through design and travel magazines, using these tips, you can incorporate international style into your own home décor.

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