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The Best Throw Pillows for a Leather Couch

When choosing pillows for a leather couch, color, size, shape, and patterns are all a part of the equation. You should also take into consideration the style of your couch and your overall design before you go on the hunt.

Tips for Shopping for Pillows

Take a picture of your room so you have a reference for the colors in your room and what will go with your current décor. This is also helpful if you shop at a store that provides a complimentary design service to assist customers.

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What Size Throw Pillows Do You Need?

The size of your throw pillows is determined mainly by the size of your couch. The average throw pillow is 16-18”x16-18” and this generally works well for larger leather couches. Small pillows will be overwhelmed and seem out of place on a large couch. Bigger pillows, about 24”, create a comfortable, lounge-like feel, but should be used only on oversized furniture. If your leather sofa is a minimalist, modern style, choose smaller pillows so that the clean lines of your sofa shine through.

How To Make Your Throw Pillows Stay Put

Since leather is smooth, throw pillows tend to slide right off. They look messy and it is difficult to use your throw pillows to bring color and texture into the space. Try down/feather pillows that tend to be heavier and conform to the shape of the couch so that they stay put. In addition, stay away from slick fabrics, because they are more likely to end up on the floor. Another option is adding a complementing throw folded across the seat and back that can help anchor the pillows.


Shapes, Patterns, and Colors

Throw pillows come in four basic shapes: bolsters, rectangles, squares, and rounds. Squares are the most versatile and provide full-back comfort. Rectangles support the neck or lower back, so consider how you will use the pillows on your couch. Bolsters are especially nice for back support on a leather couch, since they slip less. You can also mix your shapes and sizes to add texture.

If your leather sofa is dark, consider light neutral colors as a contrast to the dark leather. Another option is bright, bold color to highlight the leather. A black leather sofa with red and gray pillows makes a stunning statement. A white couch is a perfect backdrop for bright colors such as orange, teal, or green.

Use pillows with interesting, textured fabric. You can mix and match textures, colors, and patterns to create visual interest. At this point you may be worried about how to choose which patterns and colors go together. Choose prints that include neutral colors, which will make it easier to mix prints and solids.

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. Just make sure that most of the pillows in the mix have at least one color in common.

Pay attention to the scale of the patterns, so that each can stand on its own. If one pillow has a large pattern, make sure the other has a smaller print. If you place two pillows next to each other, make them different, one a pattern and one a solid.

Once you get going, it’ll probably be hard to stop, but you don’t really have to. Changing out your pillows is a fast and easy way to freshen up your room’s décor.

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