Monday, July 17, 2017

Dining Table and Chair Sets with a Bench

Traditionally, table and chair sets that include a bench were reserved for the outdoors and cottage style homes only. Due to the simplicity in design and ease of building and transporting, it made sense to utilize the bench style for outdoor events and patio seating.

However, recently there has been a surge in dining table sets with benches for indoor use. Have you looked into incorporating a dining table set with bench seating for your home? We’ve jotted down a few considerations why this option has become so popular.

Space Saving Seating Option

The most popular reason so many people have chosen to make the switch to bench seating in their dining room is the amount of space this option saves. If you are short on space or want to transform a six-seat set into eight, incorporating benches is the simplest way to do so.

Just as you might opt for bar seating in the kitchen to save valuable space around the counter, using bench seating in the dining room will save a ton of room around the table. The Ellen DeGeneres Iredell Dining Bench allows you to sit side-by-side with family and friends. The dark fumed oak has a contemporary appeal that also fits in with rustic décor.

If you do not necessarily need the space year-round but would like the extra seating space for holidays and guest visits, there is always the option of choosing a bench that you can switch out for your regular dining room table chairs whenever the need arises. My parents-in-law opt for this when we are all over for dinner parties. They keep a bench in the study that they bring out to the dining room whenever it is required.

Kid Friendly Bench Seating Options

I have found through personal experiences that kids do great with bench seating. While adults may not prefer to be seated so closely to one another, children really do not mind. On top of this, it is easy to fit more of them onto one single bench. While it may be impossible to squeeze an extra four seats for children at the table, they may all fit quite comfortably on a bench. They usually won’t complain about the lack of back support either.

New Modern Styles

Dining tables with bench seating sets are no longer solely sold in pale oak with basic legs and a hard surface to sit on. Today, sets can be found in various designs to compliment any décor and are crafted with upholstered seating for maximized comfort. The Salon 3 piece dining set from Bernhardt captures the grace and formality of traditional design with the eclectic look of modern décor.
Whether you have selected a more traditional dining room style or would like to stick to modern pieces, you can find a dining set with a bench that will pair well with your design goals.

With all of the positives of incorporating a bench into your dining table furniture, it is important to consider some issues. In my opinion, the biggest downside to bench seating is the lack of comfort and back support, which could be a problem for some of your guests. Although personally, this would not bother me during meal time, I am not sure I would feel comfortable asking my father to sit on a bench during dinner. It is also important to consider if any guests have back issues, as they may feel too much strain sitting without back support for lengthy periods of time. Choose a bench with back support, as pictured above, or be sure guests with back issues are seated in a comfortable chair.

However, if you have enough chairs to cover the number of guests that may require regular dining chair seating, opting for a dining table and chair set with a bench is a stylish and practical option.

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