Thursday, May 11, 2017

Textures that Pair Well with Leather Furniture

Leather pieces tend to be large, comfy, and classic — all features that make them a popular choice for living room furniture. But too much bulk can make a space look heavy, dark, and just not really interesting. If you are wondering what to do to spice up your leather furniture, read on. These ideas should help.

Gray, White, and Texture

If you have a black leather sofa, playing up texture and shine will really keep things interesting in your space. Leather furniture in neutral colors is perfect for mixing and matching. Try smoky, mirrored furniture, grey marble-topped tables, grey-hued prints, or even a mirror on the wall. Soft yellows, grays, and whites are great partners for black leather furniture. In the example above, the sleek lines of the sofa play well with the big, floral-patterned area rug.

Rich Colors and a Moroccan Rug

Paint the walls peacock blue – this is a bold but very livable color for walls, and works especially well in smaller rooms. The intense, saturated hue will uplift and enhance dark leather furniture. Try pairing it with a wood table, a Moroccan rug, and a gallery wall of books.

If you have wood cabinetry, bookcases, or built-ins in the room, think about painting them to match the walls. Or, to create a subtler effect, paint the interiors of the bookcase or cabinets. Add some contrasting orange accents to increase the intensity of the walls. A pair of footstools, a bench, or an ottoman in a bold orange should to the trick.

Use Area Rugs Rugs to Warm Up Leather Furniture

An easy way to warm up leather furniture is to throw down an area rug. Choose one with warm colors, a rich pattern, and a flat weave to help leather pieces settle into their space. Area rugs are especially dynamic when paired with modern pieces such as a leather chair.

Lighten Up with Neutrals

A red leather couch makes a bold statement, but you can soften the mood by surrounding it with warm neutrals such as ivory, beige, sand, gold, and wheat. Creamy walls and a soft wood floor, a pale natural fiber rug, and some contrasting throw pillows will make an impact. Or toss a throw and some pillows on your leather piece to lighten the look.

Wood and Charcoal Create a Luxurious Look

A deep, dark charcoal-colored rug in a natural fiber gives caramel-brown leather furniture an even more luxurious look. Wooden side tables, wood-framed mirrors, and canvas, coarse burlap, or wool pillows can create a rustic-modern mood.

Texturize with Fabric

Leather shines alongside rich, jewel-toned velvet, rustic, nubby linen, or even autumnal fabrics such as tweed. If you have a complete set of leather furniture, try breaking them up and pair one or two of the leather pieces with a piece upholstered in one of these delicious fabrics. Your leather will look richer and you’ll feel cozier.

Go Boldly with Pillows

Leather, even a bold red leather couch, works as a neutral in your space, so you can throw just about any color pillow on it. Try changing up your colors seasonally – fresh blues and greens in spring and summer, warm cranberry, persimmon, cinnamon, and pumpkin during the fall and winter. For a red sofa, black and white pillows create a striking look.

Careful mixing of colors, patterns, and textures will give your leather furniture a soft, comfortable feel that will make your entire space warm and inviting.

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