Thursday, December 1, 2016

What’s Your Lexington Dining Room Set Personality

Your dining room set is a window to your personality and entertaining style. Do you gravitate toward traditional, minimalist, flashy, or trendy? If you’re not sure what your design personality is, read on. Below are examples of styles and the types of personalities that tend to be drawn toward them. Check out the dining room from Lexington Furniture below and see which one suits your style.

Baers Furniture Lexington Oyster Bay

The Glamourous Life with Lexington Furniture

Your centerpiece, your lighting, the mirror on the wall all have an element of bling. You may have shown some restraint, but deep down you wonder if you really can have too much bling. If this is you, you probably love the Oyster Bay Eleven Piece dining set by Lexington. The glamourous table set the stage for intimate dinners, scintillating cocktail parties, and elegant dinners.

Baers Furniture Lexington Monterey Sands

The Empty Nester

You’ve packed the kids off to colleges and maybe even recently moved to a warmer climate such as Florida. You need something with a laidback style such as the Monterey Sands dining set. This set from Lexington matches your lifestyle as you often stroll in after spending the day golfing. Dinner time topics are usually the weather and who is breaking the HOA codes. You are seeking new hobbies, since you are way to hip to take up knitting. Unless you’ve been knitting all along, as apparently the 20-somethings think knitting is cool. And you are somewhat tech savvy, you just got an iPad, but may need a little help from the kids when they visit at winter break.

Baers Furniture Lexington Carrera Dining Room

The Foodie Set

If you have high-end food tastes, you need a high-end table to match. The gorgeous Carrera Modena table and chairs, with their deep carbon gray finish, Gray Mist upholstery, and nail head trim does just that. While you are convinced you could be a Top Chef contender, you prefer to cook for your exclusive guest list. And anyone who asks for ketchup or salt will get the eye roll. You knew kale was a thing before anyone else and have moved on to sunchokes and kalettes. Your friends may have labeled you a perfectionist, but you’re not insulted.

baers furniture Lexington Take Five Dining room

The Modern Set

You travel a lot, work a lot, and maybe eat Chinese takeout standing up. A lot. You still need a table and chairs, and a sleek set such as the Take Five dining room set fills the bill. You also think floral centerpieces are great for weddings – and that’s all. When you do entertain, you create small, intimate affairs that feature discussions of art, science, and music.

Do you see yourself on this list? What’s your dining room set personality?  

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