Thursday, December 15, 2016

Canopy Beds That Create a Romantic Bedroom

Is there anything more romantic than a canopy bed? Although canopy beds are a symbol of romance in the bedroom, that was not their original purpose. They came into existence for reasons that were more practical than extravagant or decadent. Canopy beds with curtains that could be drawn completely around the bed were favored by noblemen and lords in medieval Europe for privacy and warmth, since castles and keeps at that time not only did not have central heat, but often attendants slept in the same room.

Romantic canopy bed at Baer's Furniture

However, many people these days are opting for a scaled-down canopy bed that sometimes doesn’t even include the draperies. Just a four-poster with a frame creates a simple, beautiful, romantic and modern feel to the bedroom. In these cases, the canopy frames become a part of the bedroom décor. The Pavilion Poster Bed with Canopy from A.R.T. Furniture creates a sense of grandeur with its turned posts and bare metal canopy. It transforms any bedroom into a romantic retreat.

The metal canopy frame’s antique brass tone complements the bed’s barley finish. By leaving it bare, you get a more neutral space that can be romantic without seeming too feminine. The curtain beside the bed creates the feel of a canopied bed while keeping the simplicity of a bare frame. Or, you can choose to add the canopy included with the bed. Plush neutral bedding, a soft throw blanket, and the accent drawer chest used as a bedside table keep the room simple and chic. A bench at the end of the bed gives you a place to sit and relax.

Keeping the canopy bare gives you many options for freshening up your décor without overhauling your entire room. You can hang drapery panels around the corners at the headboard so that you get the look of a canopy with a more open feel. Either a fresh floral print or a neutral dark gray, beige, or even greige, whatever suits your mood at the moment.

Dating back to medieval Europe, the ageless grace and sense of luxury and romance of canopy beds look at home in a traditional bedroom. With so many decorating options, they can also add flair to a modern or transitional bedroom.

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