Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Reasons to Buy Just a Headboard

So, you are decorating your bedroom and wondering if you need to buy a complete bed, or can make do with just a headboard. There are many reasons to choose just a headboard instead of an entire bed frame that includes both a headboard and a footboard. Here some reasons why you might want to consider using only a headboard.
baers furniture lexington headboard

Space Constraints

Small bedrooms can look even smaller when filled with a bed that has both a headboard and a footboard. One way to make your room look bigger is to eliminate the footboard. The simple shape and sophisticated faux leather basket weave upholstery on the Shadow Play headboard adds interest without making the room seem too small. Headboards that have an interesting texture can help give your bedroom a spacious feel. But more than that, not only does a headboard make your room seem bigger, it also actually gives you more space. Walking around a room with just headboard is much easier – there is nothing in the way to stub your toes on in the darkness or dim lighting. Your toes, hips, shins, and knees will be eternally grateful.

Easier to Make the Bed

We may not admit it, those of us who don’t, but not everyone makes their bed every morning. But if you have a bed with just a headboard, you may save yourself a few headaches. All that tucking is much easier, not to mention faster, without a footboard. You may even save yourself some broken fingernails and scraped knuckles. You may even find yourself making your bed more often.

Taller People

Using just a headboard is a great option for someone taller. It may not solve every problem, but it will keep you from kicking the footboard in the middle of the night. It is also a good way to add sleeping space without adding cost.

bears furniture headboard

Bed Skirts and Dust Ruffles

In addition to being easier to make a bed without a footboard, it is also easier to find bedding that fits on it. Beds with footboards require dust ruffles or bed skirts made specifically for them.

Personal Preference

While there are many practical reasons to use just a headboard, the most common one is personal preference. Some people just prefer to have just a headboard.

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