Monday, November 7, 2016

Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests

preparing your home for entertaining holiday guests
Get your home ready for entertaining holiday guests.

The holiday season is officially here. As you prepare a delicious Thanksgiving menu and get ready to decorate your home with all your favorite fall finds, it's also time to start thinking about prepping your home for holiday guests.

No matter if you plan to have two guests or ten, or if they're staying for a weekend or a full week, preparing your home can help make the process easier for both you and your guests.


Don't wait to declutter your home in order to make room for your guests and their luggage. Free up space in the foyer, den, dining room and kitchen. Remove unnecessary items from countertops, linen closets and guest bedrooms. Think of this time as spring cleaning 2.0.

Make Upgrades

It might be time for a new coat of paint or time to oil those squeaky doors. If your guest bedroom has yet to be used, consider buying a fresh bedding set for your guests or a sleeper sofa, such as the Broyhill Queen Sleeper Sofa, for your den. Add a ceiling fan and light combination in the guest bedroom, and consider adding a chest so guests can put away their clothes rather than live out of a suitcase.

baer holiday home design

Prepare the Kitchen

The kitchen is the most popular gathering place during the holidays. From breakfast to dinner, guests will gather around the kitchen for meal preparation, to grab drinks, or to simply chit chat with their hosts. Consider creating a coffee station in the dining room for your guests so they don't crowd the kitchen in the morning. Servers, such as the Contemporary Bartlett Tiered Server, are a great option for setting out a continental buffet for breakfast or midday nibbles like a charcuterie platter.

Offer More Storage Space

More guests mean more stuff everywhere. Consider adding a rack with hooks for hanging scarves and jackets in the foyer. Add open shelves in the bathroom where guests can easily find extra towels or toiletries. Outfit the guest bedroom with small baskets filled with magazines or light reading material, tissues, bottled water and other goodies. Make sure the guest bedroom has plenty of closet space and empty drawers.

Move Furniture Around

Create an inviting space by moving around your living room furniture. Furniture arrangements can change how your guests chat while you're preparing culinary delights in the kitchen. All your furniture should be around the same height so people can talk eye-to-eye. If you need more seating, consider buying a new chair or chair and ottoman set.

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