Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Liven up Your Décor with a Leather Accent Loveseat from Broyhill

People usually pick sofas in a neutral or bright color, but there’s nothing wrong with trying something a little different to create a unique space. Have you considered a pink leather sofa? Pink has gotten bad rap, often thought of a feminine or girly and appropriate for a child’s bedroom. However, pink also reflects romance, compassion, and elegance. When you add an accent sofa in pale pink, you bring a touch of the unexpected to any room. A pink leather loveseat from the Perspectives Collection by Broyhill gives you an option that is fresh and unique without being overly girlish.

Begin your process by focusing on the pink loveseat itself. We’re not talking about hot pink, magenta, fuchsia, or even rose in this case. If you are not used to decorating with pink, it’s best to start with a soft, gentle pink. Throw pillows in dark purple or dark blue will make your loveseat look dazzling, and be sure to use them in other fabrics in the room, such as drapes and area rugs. You can also make a subtler statement by using white for accessories instead of bolder colors. Dark wood, neutral colors, chocolate brown, and subtle industrial touches are softened by a pink sofa. Or you can go bolder by mixing several shades and patterns of pink.

Once you’ve determined the colors you want to use, you can move on accent pieces surrounding the loveseat. Try table lamps with crystal, acrylic, or silver bases and add black and white shades in stripes, circles or other geometric patterns. Incorporate silver finishes on framed art, photos, and mirrors. Fresh flowers in a crystal or glass vase liven up any room.

Next focus on the wall color: white or other neutral shades are safe choices that will highlight your pink loveseat. Or you can try something a little unusual such as green, orange, or even different hues of pink. Your color choices depend on what atmosphere you want to create in your room.

Decorating a living room isn’t rocket surgery, and if you have a sense of what is charming and chic you can design an amazing living space. The element of surprise created by adding an unexpected element, such as a pink leather sofa, is an easy way to amplify your décor. It’s not for everyone, but will certainly make your style stand out in a crowd.

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