Friday, October 28, 2016

An Unexpected Accent with a Unique Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers can add versatility and functionality to the décor of any room in your house. Or any space in your house – foyer, entryways, hallways, and breakfast nooks are great places to put a chest of drawers. Wherever you decide to put your chest of drawers, the conveniences it gives you lets you keep everything out of site but still within in easy reach. Below are some ways you can add the unexpected to your décor with a chest of drawers.
chest of drawers available at Baers

Bedroom Storage

Even if you have plenty of closet space and don’t need extra clothing storage, there is still a place for a chest of drawers in a bedroom. A small chest of drawers next to the bed, such as the elegant paneled piece above, makes a lovely nightstand. Create visual contrast by using a different, leggy style on the other side of the bed. Place a reading lamp and a small grouping of family photos or cherished collectibles.

Living Room Style

You can also use a chest of drawers to add a little eclectic flair to your living room. Place a small chest parallel with your sofa or chair’s arm. This will work best if there is just a few inches difference between the top edge of the chair or sofa’s arm and the top of the chest. With such a small piece, you don’t have to make a commitment to one particular style, as long as it goes with the current style of your living room.

theodore alexander chest of drawers at Baer's

Home Office

Every home office needs a place to put the printer, why not make yours stylish? A sturdy chest of drawers not only supports your printer but provides plenty of storage for printer paper and other office supplies. A chest like the one above lets you keep files and paperwork handy in the lower drawers, all neatly labeled.

Entry Hall

A small chest adds charm and functionality to your entry way. You can hang a mirror on the wall above it for last minute hair and make checks and use the drawers to stash extra car keys, sunglasses, and other necessities. Add a table lamp on top, a tray for mail, and some decorative items that will make your entryway a practical and welcoming space for guests and family members.

Breakfast Nook

If you have walls of windows in your breakfast nook that make using a baker’s rack or china cupboard impractical, try a chest of drawers instead. The drawers are great for storing tablecloths, napkins, and place mats. You can set up a mini buffet, tea tray, or coffee service on the top. 

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ideas for Quick and Easy Room Makeovers

You may love your home décor, but every once in a while, you want something a little different and look for ideas for easy room makeovers. Maybe you like to reflect the seasons in your décor, maybe you are entertaining and want to add some theme elements for that special occasion. Here are some ideas for temporary, or permanent if you like, ways for quick room makeovers.

Add Color

Use accessories to add color. Pillows and throws are an easy way to add color, or change color to stay in tune with the seasons. You can bring books and other items in the same color palette and arrange them on the sideboard in your dining room. Try adding a contrasting color to your bedroom décor by draping a colorful throw over your headboard. The good thing about using accessories is that if you don’t like the look, or when the seasons change, you don’t have to keep them.

Or, in a bedroom, you can easily change the look by changing the comforter and bedclothes. The Tommy Bahama Twin Palms bed looks cool and nautical dressed in blue and white. Pieces of coral on the bedside tables carry the theme throughout the space. But when the bed is dressed in green, tropical prints, the room takes on a completely different feel.

Indoor Plants

Yes, it can be that easy. If you have potted plants on your patio or porch, move some of them inside for a few days. Use them to brighten up a living room or dining room for special occasions. Or add seasonal plants to your décor during the holidays. And while we are discussing plants, we should also talk about flowers. Flowers are a tried, true, and easy room makeover idea.

You don’t have to use the traditional containers for the plants and flowers. Use an odd-shaped or colorful planter for you indoor plants. Or a pitcher for you flowers. Small vases filled with flowers, or small potted plants, grouped together make a stylish statement. Or even a single standout bud or tall stalk can do the trick.

Wall Art with Photos and Mirrors

Do you have a blank wall that is just screaming for some attention? How about hanging a decorative mirror? The geometric detail in the Salon Mirror by Bernhardt reflects light throughout the space. It is a gorgeous blend of shapes and styles suitable for a home full of antiques or an eclectic apartment. Or you can make a gallery of your family photos or pictures taken while on vacation. Remember to follow a theme and lay out your framed photographs on the floor before you start hammering.

Change Your Door and Cabinet Knobs

You can get a quick and easy kitchen makeover by changing the pulls and knobs. Choosing colorful or quirky designs will really liven up the space.

Dining Table Centerpieces

Colorful, fresh fruit in a big glass bowl make a refreshing, edible dining table centerpiece when entertaining. Or group a variety breads on a tray with a selection of dips to add a special touch of warmth to dinner parties.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Accent Walls That Add Style to Your Bedroom

One of the simplest and easiest ways to add an extra dollop of style to your bedroom is to create an accent wall. There are a plethora of finishes for accent walls, ranging from paint to wall paper to paneling. Once you’ve chosen your bedroom furniture and decided on the layout of your space, you can begin to think about how an accent wall can add color, depth, and texture to your décor.

Decorative Paneling and Molding

Wood paneling, molding or wainscoting will make your accent wall really stand out. This technique is popular in modern, country, and rustic design styles. In modern bedrooms, the wood’s natural color and texture are often incorporated into the design, while in country bedrooms the paneling is usually painted white with a pastel color on the walls. In the room above, the bedroom furniture, Summer Hill from Universal, complements the accent wall with woven rattan on the headboard and footboard.

Interior Wall Paint

Using a bold or vivid paint color is a quick, easy, and ever-popular way to add an accent wall. It also provides you with many options for highlighting your current bedroom furniture. Egg shell, satin, or semi-gloss finishes are most commonly used. You can create a two-tone or ombre look, or a bold solid color that highlights the colors already in your palette.

Faux Finish or Decorative Techniques

If you want to take painting to the next level, consider a faux finish or decorative technique. Color washing adds depth by adding a glaze on top of a base color. How the glaze is applied – dry brush, sponge, or cloth – you will get a more subtle or more textured look. Random and varied wiping motions will also create more visual interest. A fresco technique will give you a parchment look, ragging will give you a well-worn leather look, and glitter, of course, will give you a touch of glam.

Wallpaper and Faux Painting

Another tried-and-true method is applying wallpaper to one wall. It’s tried and true for a reason, this method has stood the test of time. Just when you think wallpaper is out, there is someone on HGTV applying it to an accent wall. Today’s wallpaper comes in varieties that can add a traditional, contemporary, or modern element to your bedroom as well as texture, pattern, and color.

Wall murals are perfect for accent walls in a child or teen bedroom. They can be added with paint or wallpaper. Examples include cityscapes, sports or movie themes, or cartoon characters. Wallpaper and faux painting are great ways to add a little flair to any room.


Some elements already in the room can give you an almost ready-made accent wall. Windows are one option, if you have them use them. Just arrange your bedroom furniture so that the windows are behind the bed. Then dress the windows simply with shears to allow the natural light to stream in.

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Choose Kingsdown Mattress Technology for Better Sleep

Most of the time, it is fairly obvious when you need to replace something you own. You can tell when your shoes or clothing are worn out, when your TV is no longer working, or when your car needs to be replaced. The signs of wear and tear on most items is usually obvious. Maybe the item has ceased functioning altogether. However, knowing when it is time to get a new mattress is not so clear cut.

Your mattress can still seem comfortable after it has ceased providing your body with the comfort and support it needs. However, since sleep plays an important role in your ability to feel your best and do your best, you can’t afford to wait until you no longer get a good night’s sleep to replace your mattress.

You May Need a New Mattress If:

  1.  You feel stiff, achy or have numbness when you wake up
  2. You sleep better anywhere except in your own bed – on the sofa or in a hotel
  3. You see dips, lumps, or other signs of visible wear and tear on your mattress
You should be looking for signs of wear and tear or substandard support from you mattress after you have owned of for 5-7 years of regular use. And remember, your body and physical condition will change over time, and a mattress that once gave you good support may need to be replaced.

Most people go into a store and test out a new mattresses before they make a decision. Often they try it out for a few minutes to see how it feels. The flaw in this method lies with the fact that you are awake when you do this, and your muscles are not completely relaxed. Relaxed muscles require a different kind of support. When you get the right postural support, you’ll feel the difference. Instead of waking up tired, sore, and exhausted, you’ll wake up feeling healthier and stronger.

Kingsdown Mattress Technology Takes the Guesswork Out of Mattress Shopping

As with most things these days, there is technology to help you get the mattress that best suits your body’s support needs. Patented by Kingsdown and based on more than a century of experience, the bedMATCH diagnostic system pairs you with the mattress that will give your body the support it needs. The Kingsdown mattress technology uses 18 statistical measurements and more than 1,000 scientific calculations as well as information about your sleep preferences and physical condition.

The bedMATCH diagnostic system identifies the best pressure relief and postural support for your body. Based on this information, it provides you with a selection of mattress that will give your body the support it needs. And you’ll find that when your mattress gives you the best postural support based on your sleeping position and body type, your body remains properly aligned and supported while you sleep.

4 Easy Steps to Better Sleep

  1. Create Your Profile
  2. You’ll be asked a few simple questions about your sleep preferences, such as which side of the bed do you generally sleep on, do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach.
  3. bed MATCH Analysis
  4. You then lie on the bedMATCH test bed for 3 minutes, while the bedMATCH diagnostic system uses statistical measurements and the aforementioned more than 1,000 scientific calculations to assess your needs for postural support.
  5. Mattress Recommendations
  6. The Kingsdown mattress technology then gives you color-coded recommendations for mattresses that provide proper postural support and identifies all the mattress that fit your profile.
  7. Choose Your Perfect Mattress
  8. Using the bedMATCH recommendations as a guide, you can lie down on each of the mattresses recommended for you and select the one that gives you like best.
The combination of science-based recommendations and personal preference lets you find the mattress that gives you the best support. The next time you are mattress shopping, visit the Baer’s Furniture showroom near you to take advantage or the Kingsdown mattress technology and find your perfect mattress match.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Kitchen Window Treatments for a Stylish Cooking Area

The kitchen it the heart of every home. It’s a natural gathering place for family and friends. The evolution of the kitchen/dining room demonstrates this trend. Changing your curtains for modern window treatments will instantly revive the space. And since this is the space where you spend a lot of time preparing meals, eating, hanging out with friends, and increasingly, entertaining, your kitchen window treatments are worthy of the same attention you give the décor in other parts of your home.

There are so many possibilities for kitchen window treatments these days that you don’t have go with curtains. The shape and style of your kitchen windows will influence the type of window treatment you choose, but keeping that in mind, you can choose anything from minimalist design to bold colors. When choosing materials, it is important to keep in mind that anything near the stove or sink is in the line of fire for spatter, grease, and odors. The material you choose will make a difference in how easy your kitchen window treatments are to maintain.

Below are some ways to add style to your kitchen windows.

Faux Wood Blinds

As elegant-looking as real wood but more durable, faux wood blinds are ideal for kitchen window treatments. They come in a variety of colors and can withstand the moisture, heat, and food splatters common in the kitchen. These features make them perfect for the kitchen.

Roller Shades

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen both cooking and cleaning. Why suffer with an ugly window treatment? Neat, minimalistic roller shades provide the ideal solution. The roll up neatly when not in use, letting in light and letting you enjoy the view. The also easily roll down for privacy when needed. In addition, you can easily wipe them down when needed.

Solar Shades

Sometimes called “window sunglasses”, solar shade preserve the outside view and reduce incoming light at the same time. You can grab a cup of coffee in the mourning without squinting through the glare, but still benefit from a light, airy feel in your kitchen. They have a range of 3% to 14% openness values, so you can decide how much light you want coming in during the day and home much of your outdoor view you want to see. The lower the openness value, the less light they let come in.

Roman Shades

Soft and elegant, roman shades can show off your personals style in the kitchen. They let you easily bring bold patters or bright colors into the kitchen. They also create a traditional atmosphere that makes everyone feel instantly at home. In general, wood floors and cabinets are the main players in kitchen décor. By using fabric roman shades to break up the space, your kitchen becomes a comfortable and inviting space.

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