Monday, September 19, 2016

How to Pick the Right Gray Paint Colors to Complement Your Décor

In the past few years, the color gray has undergone a makeover – at least its reputation has. Once considered dull, gloomy, drab, and dreary, gray is now considered elegant, sophisticated, and glamorous. Below is a breakdown of the many shades of gray and how to use gray paint colors to complement your décor.

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Silver Gray:

Light gray paint colors often look silver, and appear luminous in a well-lit space. No gloom and doom here. When paired with white, silvery grays create a stunning, elegant, and serene atmosphere perfect for an elegant dining room. Add a bold accent, such as a dark wood table or an area rug with a bold geometric print and let the silver shine.

Medium Gray:

Surprisingly, yellow and gray combine to create a cheery, informal room. Many people are slow to use yellow, it can easily overwhelm a space. However, vivid yellow accents with a soft medium gray will give you just enough color to brighten up your mood.


Known as the color that took over Pinterest, this combination of gray and beige is easy on the eyes. This warm and cozy gray is a great choice for a studio, home office, or craft room.

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Slate Gray:

Although putting neutrals together seems counterintuitive, they can work if you also incorporate different textures. So, yes, you can use gray with beige, tan, and other neutrals. Above, the slate gray wall provides a backdrop for the stained wood bedroom furniture.

Nature's Gray:

Gray paint colors are becoming a popular choice for kitchens. This warm and inviting gray is perfect for the space that is a huge gathering spot in your home. If you are not sure, look to nature for inspiration and you’ll see many variations of this warm shade of gray.


Like all neutrals, gray provides endless possibilities and allows you to introduce other hues. Don't forget to use patterns and textures to create depth. By including a mix of bright colors and whimsical patterns, you can keep pewter gray from seeming too drab.

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Blue Gray:

Gray with blue undertones create a serene, steel-like look that is perfect for cooling any room that gets constant sun during the day. Especially nice in a bedroom, a cool blue accent wall and chic bedroom furniture set the tone for rest and relaxation.

Purple Gray:

Dark gray walls with purple undertones are a great way to create a casual space. Look for gray paint colors that lean towards blue or black.

Charcoal Gray:

The subdued mood created by deep charcoal gray walls is perfect of a bedroom. Although bright yellow is a common accent color for charcoal gray, lime green, burnt orange or cranberry red are also good choices to add interest to a room’s décor. These bold colors create an eye-catching contrast against the elegance of calming charcoal gray.

Subtle Gray:

A hint of gray is a subtle alternative to white. This will give you a feeling of light and openness in a small or windowless room.

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