Friday, September 30, 2016

Tips on Designing Your Bedroom with Dark Wood Furniture from Bernhardt

Redecorating your bedroom can be a lot of fun, but can also be fraught with peril. This personal space requires a great deal of thought and planning — an uncomfortable space will mean poor sleep and can create a general feeling of disharmony. There are a lot of things to keep in mind: the color of the wood, the size and scale of the pieces, and the style of the furniture. With careful planning, you’ll end up with a special retreat that suits your style and lets your personality shine through.

A fresh update on traditional design, the Miramont Collection from Bernhardt balances glamour and refinement perfect for contemporary homes.<


Go Dark

While light furniture creates a bright, airy atmosphere, you shouldn’t overlook dark wood furniture when designing your bedroom. Dark wood furniture has a bad rap for making rooms feel smaller, but a carefully thought-out and planned-out layout can stunningly highlight dark furniture. Paired with lighter design elements, a bedroom centered around dark furniture exudes luxury and relaxation.

Lighten It Up

If you choose to go with dark bedroom furniture, remember to use lighter, complementary colors throughout the room. The deep, rich tones of your main pieces will command the most attention and the lighter elements will draw the eye out and around the room, ensuring an optimal feeling of spaciousness. In the stunning bedroom shown above, the space is maximized by using dark furniture and lighter colors for interest and contrast.

The Miramont Bed, with its dark sable finish, takes center stage flanked by matching nightstands that feature unique metal drawer pulls. The night stands provide the ideal resting place for a metallic modern-style lamp with a square cream-colored shade. The bright white walls and cream area rug create contrast while the chocolate brown draperies tie everything back to the dark wood furniture.

The Choice Is Yours

Buying bedroom furniture can be stressful — the bedroom is such a personal and important room in the house. Bedrooms should be serene and restful, yet the furniture in them must also be practical. A bedroom sets will ensure that your furniture gives you a cohesive look. However, a good approach is to consider each piece individually, and determine what size bed, dresser, and so on, best suit your needs and then for a set that includes the pieces you need. Regardless of how you choose your bedroom furniture, it should be comfortable, practical, and above all delight your senses. After all, you are the one whose opinion really matters.

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