Monday, September 12, 2016

What's Your Style: Contemporary Elegance with Lexington Furniture

Do you like abstract art? Do you like all your stuff hidden in practical storage, or better yet, a separate storage unit? Do you own two or more books with the word “Simplify” in the title? If so, your design style just might be contemporary. Contemporary style is rooted in the less-is-more philosophy — smooth profiles vs ornamentation, subtly patterned or solid fabrics vs colorful prints, minimal accessories vs huge collections. The Laurel Canyon collection by Lexington demonstrates the best elements of contemporary style.

Baer's furniture living room set

The emphasis on line and form — the fundamentals of good design — is the source of contemporary style’s appeal. With rooms designed with ample open spaces and copious natural light, the look is airy and luxurious. But because there is no clutter, each piece means something.

Simple, Elegant Lines

Lines, planes, angles—these form the building blocks of contemporary décor. From architecture to furnishings, the style is oriented along a clear horizontal-vertical axis. The structure of the space is an essential design element. Does this mean everything has to have square corners and hard angles? Not at all. Balance the look with some curves, such as the Laurel Canyon Westgate Chair by Lexington with flared legs. Just remember to stay true to geometric forms such as circles, orbs, waves, and cylinders.

Sophisticated Neutrals

A neutral palette forms the foundation that supports contemporary design. Tone-on-tone and monochromatic colors allow the geometric lines to grab the spotlight. However, keep in mind that neutral is a broad term, so choose a shade with undertones that create interest—such as gray with a hint of blue, cream with a touch of pink, or beige with a trace of gold. If you want spot of color, use throw pillows or a boldly upholstered pieced if furniture.

Space, and Lots of It

What isn’t there is almost as important as what is there in contemporary décor. Empty space can be as striking a design element as the pieces surround it. This open design is perfect for large-scale furniture, accents, and art. However, make sure the space is anchored by using furniture groupings to create sections in a large room.

Baer's furniture accent ottoman

High-Impact Furniture

The style calls for furniture with clean lines and striking profiles — no skirts or slipcovers — instead use long, elegant tables that show a little leg. However, too many tall, spindly tables can make the space seem awkward. A pair of ottomans, such as the Laurel Canyon Wheatley Accent Ottoman, keeps the room simple and sleek while offering seating with a hint of softness.

Minimal Accessories

This is a very edited style, so no eclectic groupings, bric-a-brac, or giant collections — accessories are simple, few, and carefully curated. Every piece should add drama without taking away from the sleek and simple feel of this design style.

If you are interested in incorporating contemporary style into your home, contact a design professional at Baer’s Furniture who can help you find the perfect pieces to complete your home. Follow us on Twitter for more design inspiration.

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