Friday, September 30, 2016

Tips on Designing Your Bedroom with Dark Wood Furniture from Bernhardt

Redecorating your bedroom can be a lot of fun, but can also be fraught with peril. This personal space requires a great deal of thought and planning — an uncomfortable space will mean poor sleep and can create a general feeling of disharmony. There are a lot of things to keep in mind: the color of the wood, the size and scale of the pieces, and the style of the furniture. With careful planning, you’ll end up with a special retreat that suits your style and lets your personality shine through.

A fresh update on traditional design, the Miramont Collection from Bernhardt balances glamour and refinement perfect for contemporary homes.<


Go Dark

While light furniture creates a bright, airy atmosphere, you shouldn’t overlook dark wood furniture when designing your bedroom. Dark wood furniture has a bad rap for making rooms feel smaller, but a carefully thought-out and planned-out layout can stunningly highlight dark furniture. Paired with lighter design elements, a bedroom centered around dark furniture exudes luxury and relaxation.

Lighten It Up

If you choose to go with dark bedroom furniture, remember to use lighter, complementary colors throughout the room. The deep, rich tones of your main pieces will command the most attention and the lighter elements will draw the eye out and around the room, ensuring an optimal feeling of spaciousness. In the stunning bedroom shown above, the space is maximized by using dark furniture and lighter colors for interest and contrast.

The Miramont Bed, with its dark sable finish, takes center stage flanked by matching nightstands that feature unique metal drawer pulls. The night stands provide the ideal resting place for a metallic modern-style lamp with a square cream-colored shade. The bright white walls and cream area rug create contrast while the chocolate brown draperies tie everything back to the dark wood furniture.

The Choice Is Yours

Buying bedroom furniture can be stressful — the bedroom is such a personal and important room in the house. Bedrooms should be serene and restful, yet the furniture in them must also be practical. A bedroom sets will ensure that your furniture gives you a cohesive look. However, a good approach is to consider each piece individually, and determine what size bed, dresser, and so on, best suit your needs and then for a set that includes the pieces you need. Regardless of how you choose your bedroom furniture, it should be comfortable, practical, and above all delight your senses. After all, you are the one whose opinion really matters.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

How to Pick the Right Gray Paint Colors to Complement Your Décor

In the past few years, the color gray has undergone a makeover – at least its reputation has. Once considered dull, gloomy, drab, and dreary, gray is now considered elegant, sophisticated, and glamorous. Below is a breakdown of the many shades of gray and how to use gray paint colors to complement your décor.

bernhardt criteria collection baers

Silver Gray:

Light gray paint colors often look silver, and appear luminous in a well-lit space. No gloom and doom here. When paired with white, silvery grays create a stunning, elegant, and serene atmosphere perfect for an elegant dining room. Add a bold accent, such as a dark wood table or an area rug with a bold geometric print and let the silver shine.

Medium Gray:

Surprisingly, yellow and gray combine to create a cheery, informal room. Many people are slow to use yellow, it can easily overwhelm a space. However, vivid yellow accents with a soft medium gray will give you just enough color to brighten up your mood.


Known as the color that took over Pinterest, this combination of gray and beige is easy on the eyes. This warm and cozy gray is a great choice for a studio, home office, or craft room.

bernhardt mirabelle bedroom furniture baers

Slate Gray:

Although putting neutrals together seems counterintuitive, they can work if you also incorporate different textures. So, yes, you can use gray with beige, tan, and other neutrals. Above, the slate gray wall provides a backdrop for the stained wood bedroom furniture.

Nature's Gray:

Gray paint colors are becoming a popular choice for kitchens. This warm and inviting gray is perfect for the space that is a huge gathering spot in your home. If you are not sure, look to nature for inspiration and you’ll see many variations of this warm shade of gray.


Like all neutrals, gray provides endless possibilities and allows you to introduce other hues. Don't forget to use patterns and textures to create depth. By including a mix of bright colors and whimsical patterns, you can keep pewter gray from seeming too drab.

lexington shadow play bedroom furniture

Blue Gray:

Gray with blue undertones create a serene, steel-like look that is perfect for cooling any room that gets constant sun during the day. Especially nice in a bedroom, a cool blue accent wall and chic bedroom furniture set the tone for rest and relaxation.

Purple Gray:

Dark gray walls with purple undertones are a great way to create a casual space. Look for gray paint colors that lean towards blue or black.

Charcoal Gray:

The subdued mood created by deep charcoal gray walls is perfect of a bedroom. Although bright yellow is a common accent color for charcoal gray, lime green, burnt orange or cranberry red are also good choices to add interest to a room’s décor. These bold colors create an eye-catching contrast against the elegance of calming charcoal gray.

Subtle Gray:

A hint of gray is a subtle alternative to white. This will give you a feeling of light and openness in a small or windowless room.

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Interior Design Today: Is Wallpaper Out of Style or Back on Trend?

Once a mainstay of interior design, in recent years wallpaper was relegated to bathrooms and powder rooms. Paint became the preferred, easier, cheaper way to freshen up a room’s décor. Wallpaper also fell out of style because it didn’t fit the modern aesthetic that has been popular for the last 12 year os so. Many buyers considered it a very personal choice and difficult to install and remove.

But tastes and preferences change. Many buyers no longer remember their grandparent’s homes covered in wall-to-wall floral, striped, or velvet papers. They are now moving to wallpaper as a chic way to update a space. Here are some reasons wallpaper’s appeal for interior design is growing.

Easy On, Easy Off

The product itself has been greatly improved. And not just its appearance. Wallpaper is now much easier to hang and remove. Some are made with a non-woven substrate so it is much easier to hide surface imperfections. There are some that are made to peel and stick, so they are much easier to hang, remove, and reuse.


Fresh Patterns

The new patterns are fresher and hipper. You should consider over scaled geometrics such as kaleidoscopes or Asian-inspired themes. Tromp l’oeil photorealism that makes the wall look as if it is constructed of materials such weathered brick or wood, chevron and horizontal patterns are preferred over traditional vertical stripes or faux leather.


Many of today’s wallpapers are made with eco-friendly materials. Some are water-based prints. And some with vinyl coatings stand up better to steamy bathrooms and can be easily cleaned of fingerprints, grease, and dirt with a damp cloth.

Brighter Colors

Oranges, aquas, purples, yellows, greens, and hot pinks as well as metallic golds and silver or contrasting white and black combinations are popular. Midtone pastels have a following, and of grey, this year’s hot neutral, is also popular.


Inventive Interior Design

More inventive uses. Wallpaper is often used for more than a room’s four walls, often it is considered an accent feature, or on ceilings in between coffers or beams. And it has a myriad of uses in interior design: it can make a space seem bigger, or more intimate, or hide a problem.

Start Gradually

If you are not sure how you feel about wallpaper, start slowly. An accent wall in a bathroom is a good beginning. You can also use it to break up large areas, in a bedroom, a cozy den, a hallway or entry way, and even in a breakfast room. Be sure to choose a perky, more modern pattern if you want wallpaper in the kitchen, so that you don’t run the risk of making your kitchen look dated.

Wallpaper without Borders

Wallpaper borders are definitely out. And wallpaper whitewashing is also definitely out. Of your wallpaper’s best days are behind it, take it down and either repaper or refresh with a coat of paint.

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Monday, September 12, 2016

What's Your Style: Contemporary Elegance with Lexington Furniture

Do you like abstract art? Do you like all your stuff hidden in practical storage, or better yet, a separate storage unit? Do you own two or more books with the word “Simplify” in the title? If so, your design style just might be contemporary. Contemporary style is rooted in the less-is-more philosophy — smooth profiles vs ornamentation, subtly patterned or solid fabrics vs colorful prints, minimal accessories vs huge collections. The Laurel Canyon collection by Lexington demonstrates the best elements of contemporary style.

Baer's furniture living room set

The emphasis on line and form — the fundamentals of good design — is the source of contemporary style’s appeal. With rooms designed with ample open spaces and copious natural light, the look is airy and luxurious. But because there is no clutter, each piece means something.

Simple, Elegant Lines

Lines, planes, angles—these form the building blocks of contemporary décor. From architecture to furnishings, the style is oriented along a clear horizontal-vertical axis. The structure of the space is an essential design element. Does this mean everything has to have square corners and hard angles? Not at all. Balance the look with some curves, such as the Laurel Canyon Westgate Chair by Lexington with flared legs. Just remember to stay true to geometric forms such as circles, orbs, waves, and cylinders.

Sophisticated Neutrals

A neutral palette forms the foundation that supports contemporary design. Tone-on-tone and monochromatic colors allow the geometric lines to grab the spotlight. However, keep in mind that neutral is a broad term, so choose a shade with undertones that create interest—such as gray with a hint of blue, cream with a touch of pink, or beige with a trace of gold. If you want spot of color, use throw pillows or a boldly upholstered pieced if furniture.

Space, and Lots of It

What isn’t there is almost as important as what is there in contemporary décor. Empty space can be as striking a design element as the pieces surround it. This open design is perfect for large-scale furniture, accents, and art. However, make sure the space is anchored by using furniture groupings to create sections in a large room.

Baer's furniture accent ottoman

High-Impact Furniture

The style calls for furniture with clean lines and striking profiles — no skirts or slipcovers — instead use long, elegant tables that show a little leg. However, too many tall, spindly tables can make the space seem awkward. A pair of ottomans, such as the Laurel Canyon Wheatley Accent Ottoman, keeps the room simple and sleek while offering seating with a hint of softness.

Minimal Accessories

This is a very edited style, so no eclectic groupings, bric-a-brac, or giant collections — accessories are simple, few, and carefully curated. Every piece should add drama without taking away from the sleek and simple feel of this design style.

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