Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tips for Styling the End-of-Bed Bench from Bernhardt

Have you looked around your bedroom and thought: what's missing? Maybe it seems a little empty, maybe it feels too big, or maybe you just don't have anywhere to sit. You know where this is going. Maybe you need a bench at the end of your bed. Having the perfect bench at the end of your bed is a lot like having a good belt. It not only puts the finishing touch on your bedroom, it is also a practical and functional piece that can make your life easier. However, finding the right bench for your space is not without its challenges. Below are some end-of-bed bench ideas from Bernhardt Furniture.

Size Matters

Scale is the biggest challenge in the hunt for the perfect bench. Your bedroom bench should be visually balanced as well as functional. Too short and it will throw the whole room off. Too big, and your bed will look out of proportion to the space. You can find benches in an array of styles, from sleek mid-century modern to the classical county French to stylishly eclectic. In addition to providing extra seating, depending on the style you choose, it can also give you extra storage.

bernhardt beverly glen bench

Increase the Wow Factor

Why settle for the standard upholstered end-of-bed bench? Why not go for a little glamour instead? You may not want the hard surfaces a metal or wooden bench brings into your space, but a traditional upholstered bed may not suit your style. The sleek lines of the Beverly Glen Bench adds a touch of Old Hollywood Glamour and transitional elegance to your bedroom. The X stretcher increases the wow factor and adds visual interest.

bernhardt furniture criteria metallic bench

If you do like a little metallic shine and still want the comfort of an upholstered seat, the Criteria Metal Bench might be more your style. Also from Bernhardt Furniture, this bench references high-fashion accessories with decorative fretwork reminiscent of a linked necklace or bracelet. It's crisp, minimalist look is sophisticated, bold, and inherently modern. The simplified shape creates a modern sense of glamour that highlights your fresh and modern style.

Another way to increase your end-of-bed style is by choosing a bench with interesting lines and details. Introducing an unexpected texture or shape surprises the eye and makes an impact. Sleek and stylish, the Baxter Leather Bench by Bernhardt Furniture adds another dimension to your bedroom. The upholstered leather seat and sides, nail head trim, and exposed wooden feet combine to make this a stunning addition to any room.

Don't Get Stuck at the End of the Bed

While a bench at the end of your bed will add extra storage, seating, and style to your space, don’t get stuck in one place. You can place your bench under a bedroom window, in a nook, or anywhere you have the space and need for it. Just keep in mind the same basic guidelines: scale and style will determine whether it works wherever you place it. Whether you go big or small, keep in mind the size of your bench so that it doesn’t overwhelm your existing style.

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