Friday, August 5, 2016

Tips for Creating a Welcoming Guest Room

Your overnight guests may not expect hotel-like amenities when they stay in your spare room, but of course, you want to be a good host and make them comfortable. To do so, you need to provide more than a towel to use and a comfy bed (although a comfy bed never hurts). Here’s a list of recommendations for a guest room that will make your guests feel welcomed and their stay special.

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Plenty of Pillows

If your guest room is small, you probably don’t have much space for a reading chair. You can solve this issue by supplying a body pillow that your guests can use as a temporary couch or for support while they sleep. Or you can add extra pillows to the bed that your guests can use to prop themselves up and read in bed. Just let them know where to stash the pillows when they retire each night.

A Tray

When you place a tray in your guest room, it signifies that the items placed on it are specifically for your guest. You can place the tray by the bed for your guests to use, or in the guest bathroom to hold your visitor’s toiletries. A tray lets your guests organize their belongings and keep them easily accessible.

A Steamer

When your guests stay with you while in town for a job interview or business conference, they will need fresh looking, crease-free clothing. However, a clunky ironing board can be unsightly as well as unwieldy for your guests to use. Instead, provide a mini-steamer so that your guests can touch up their clothes if necessary.

A Universal Charger

It’s common for guests to travel with their electronics, and not uncommon for them to forget their chargers. These tech tools may require some juice while they are staying with you. Provide a universal charger in your guest room, so that your guest can be fully charged during their stay. These devices are small enough to stash in a drawer or on a shelf. Also, make sure there is an outlet that is free and clear and easily accessible.

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A Bedside Table

A bedside table gives your guests a place to keep their items, so even a small one is better than not having one at all. A bedside table with shelves or small drawers is ideal so that your guests have enough room to store their stuff. But don’t leave the table completely bare, a few magazines will give your guests some entertainment. A reading lamp and some flowers will make them feel welcome.

Bestselling Books

A guest room is great for storing your recently read books. This also gives your guests access to reading material to help them wind down at the end of the day.


You probably already have a box of tissues in the bathroom, but place one on the bedside table as well. Your guests will appreciate not having to trek down the hall if they need a tissue. Go ahead and splurge on a softer brand, your guests are not likely to use up the box as quickly as your family.


Often guest rooms become storage areas, and if you stash extra household items in your guest room closet, there’s less space for your visitor’s luggage and clothes. A hook or two is a nice touch, your guests can keep a bathrobe, towel, a bag, or a jacket within easy reach.

Extra Bedding

While it may seem either obvious or redundant, extra blanket options are often left out of the guestroom prep. And it’s easy to see why, if you already have linens on the bed, additional covers aren’t top of mind. However, an extra flat sheet and a few blankets are welcome if the guest room becomes to chilly for your visitor.

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