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Tips for Cleaning Your Tommy Bahama Outdoor Furniture

Routinely cleaning your outdoor furniture is the key to ensuring it stays in pristine condition. In Florida’s sunny climate, you use your outdoor furniture all year round, so ideally, you should clean it four times a year: a good rule of thumb is to do your cleaning at the beginning and end of winter—since that is when it is likely to be used the most — and a few times in between. Below are some tips on how to keep your outdoor furniture fresh and clean.

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Teak, Wicker, and Wood

  • Use mixture of warm water and Murphy Oil Soap, or another mild oil-based soap.
  • Make your own cleaning solution by mixing 1 quart warm water, 2 tablespoons white vinegar, and 1⁄4 cup ammonia.
  • Apply a commercial wood cleaner — these are sometimes the most effective — but be sure to read and follow the directions closely. Note: painted woods and wicker may require a diluted the solution.
  • Sand and apply a fresh coat of protective finish such a stain, oil, or polyurethane on outdoor furniture made of hard woods.
  • Hose down your wicker furniture every couple of weeks or so to keep dirt from building up in the crevices.
  • Protect wood outdoor furniture by wiping it down wood regularly — after each use will keep you on track—to remove debris, dirt, and excess water.

Wrought Iron, Cast Iron, Aluminum, and Other Metals

  • Remove as much oxidation (rust) as possible from your aluminum furniture before you clean it. Use a 1:1 mixture of white vinegar and water, or a metal polishing paste.
  • Avoid using alkaline cleaners such as trisodium phosphate (TSP) and ammonia, these can cause oxidation.
  • Preserve your aluminum furniture’s luster by washing it frequently.
  • Use a soft cloth and nonabrasive cleanser such as Soft Scrub to remove scuff marks.
  • Fight rust by sanding it off, the wipe the metal residue off with a cloth dampened with naptha or mineral spirits.
  • Apply a coat of automotive wax — two coats for iron furniture — to protect it after cleanings.
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Note: Dish detergents or other home cleaning solutions are the most effective for cleaning glass table tops.
  • Remove stuck-on debris using a nonabrasive, glass-safe, material — most scrub brushes will scratch the glass, so use one designed to tackle touch jobs without ruining your furniture.
  • Use white vinegar or glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth or paper towel to de-streak the glass after the initial cleaning.
  • Wipe down the underside of the glass table top monthly to prevent irreversible grime.
  • Cover your glass table when it is not being used to keep it clear of dirt and debris.
  • Repair small chips and scratches in the glass with an automotive glass-repair kit.

Plastic and Other Hard-Resin Materials

Cleaning Solutions:
  • 1 gallon warm water mixed with 1/2 cup washing soda
  • 1 gallon warm water mixed with 3 tablespoons automatic dishwasher detergent
  • For colored plastic: 1 quart warm water mixed with 1⁄4 cup vinegar
  • For white plastic: chlorine and bleach will eat away the plastic so should be avoided.
  • For stubborn stains: wipe down the piece with a clean rag dampened with white vinegar.
  • Use baking soda and a wet sponge to remove stains without scratching surfaces. Abrasive cleansers with scratch plastic.
  • Spray WD-40 in the plastic and wipe clean with a dry cloth to restore shine.
  • Protect your furniture with a coat of automotive wax once cleaned.
Your outdoor furniture will stand the test of time — and the Florida elements — if you give it the proper care. Stop by the Baer’s Furniture showroom nearest you to find outdoor furniture that is a functional as it is beautiful. Follow us on Twitter for more design inspiration.

Please read and follow the directions on the labels of all cleaning products, this information should be used at your own risk, Baer’s Furniture is not responsible for any adverse results. .

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