Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Create Drama in the Bedroom

Designing a bedroom can be exciting as well as confusing. You have to select patterns and colors that mix and match effortlessly to create an atmosphere of drama and romance. If you miss the mark, your bedroom might demonstrate a messy ambiance that is not exactly the romantic getaway you are expecting. Follow the guidelines below to create a dramatic bedroom that will bring romance into your daily life.

3 Simple Guidelines to Create a Dramatic Bedroom

  1. Get the largest bed you have room for, preferably the king size
  2. Make your bed everyday
  3. Keep gym equipment out of the bedroom

Appeal to the Senses

Make a haven with harmonious color combinations. Gray-blues are relaxing and crisp or creamy white tones on the window sheers will soften hard surfaces. Another pleasing combination is tans spiced up with oranges and greens. For a more luxurious look, try tone-on-tone fabrics and a neutral palette with touches of silver. Hang a crystal chandelier and add extra throw pillows to create plushness on the bed.

Your bed is the centerpiece of the bedroom, so when you are going for drama, your bed has to be dramatic. The Miramont Upholstered Sleigh Bed from Bernhardt does just that. Designed to be the grand centerpiece of the bedroom, this bed features a winged design, a dark sable finish, and slight button tuft on the dramatic headboard.

Bedding that looks like a light, fluffy cloud is alluring and inviting. It just makes you want to dive in and relax. Think about a luxury hotel you’ve stayed in and replicate that style using a soft down comforter in a neutral shade. Luxury hotels use neutrals for a reason – in the bedroom they create a calm, serene, romantic space perfect for relaxing at the end of the day. And they create a dramatic contrast against dark wood furniture or other colors that you want to highlight. Keep in mind that patterns that are too loud or too busy can be disruptive and distracting, you are going for drama, not chaos.

Choose sheets made of high quality yarns that have a smoother and durable thread such as Pima, Supima, or Egyptian cotton for a softer feel. Look for combed cotton – a process that eliminates shorter fibers. The best way to determine if a sheet is soft enough is to feel it. Also, take a look to see how they should be laundered.

A grouping of scented candles can evoke drama and romance. Try this test when choosing candles: close your eyes and imaging your favorite vacation. Which scent brings back cherished vacation memories? Alternatively, place flowers on your bedside table to enhance the drama and romance of the space. The Miramont Round Metal Side Table brings in sophisticated glamour with its touches of art deco design and romantic appeal with its champagne-toned metallic finish. Flowers in a glass vase adds softness and bumps up the romance of the space.

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