Saturday, July 9, 2016

Take Your Dining Room from Boring to Beautiful

While formal dining rooms may be few and far between, the dining room is still a special place. This is where families gather to for meals and conversations, both as the day begins and as it comes to a close. Dining rooms can be large or small, simple or elaborate, as long as they reflect your style and suit your family's needs, there's no wrong dining room. Whether your style is family friendly or fully formal, casual and rustic or bold and colorful, these tips can help you re-think what it means to create the perfect dining room.


Create Contemporary Appeal

A contemporary dining room designed to ooze a homey feel provides a perfect place for family bonding and special celebrations. The sculptural base of the Clareton Round Table from the Oyster Bay Collection by Lexington adds contemporary and casual appeal to a space that could easily become too formal. The monochormatic color scheme draws out the sophistication of the table and chairs while taking away some of the starkness. You'll also find a lot of glass, such as a plethora of windows, if possible, as well as tabletops in contemporary dining room decor.

Rustic Dining Room D├ęcor

If rustic is more your style, you can use natural materials to blend traditional and modern styles. Rustic interior design is inspired by nature, so wood, stone, natural fabrics, wrought iron, and other metals can be used. You can easily design an eco-friendly dining room using this design style. The coastal-inspired Montauk Table and Eastport Chairs in the Oyster Bay collection from Lexington brings a rustic element into your dining room.  Although the palette is limited to mainly neutral colors, you can add interest with texture and depth, such as stonework on the walls and wood flooring.


Proper Lighting

To create the mood for special dining occasions, you can choose from an array of decorative items such as hanging pendants, wall sconces, matching chandeliers, beautiful shades, and more. Adding two or more light fixtures or track lighting not only creates a stunning visual effect, but also makes sure that light is spread evenly around the room. You can also add recessed lighting to illuminate the corners. When selecting lighting, purchase two or three cohesive fixtures and space them evenly throughout the length of the table. They don't have to be the same fixture as long as they share a common theme. Fixtures with dimmers will help you create an ambiance whether the kids are just finishing up their homework or you are hosting an elegant dinner.

Bring in Some Nature

Bring in some natural color to keep the room fresh and appealing. Natural materials add textures that are hard to recreate – there is often no substitute for what can be found in nature. Wherever you put it, the softness of the fresh flowers or an arrangement of potted plants keeps hard surfaces from becoming overwhelming and making the space feel cold. Keep these tips in mind when you think about sprucing up your dining room, but don't forget to include your personal style. This will give you a dining room that is good enough to eat in.

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