Thursday, May 12, 2016

Bring a Little Parisian Style into Your Living Room with Lexington

Known for mixing old and new pieces and pairing traditional elements with modern design, Parisian style is immediately recognizable. It has an eclectic appeal that references a twilight stroll through the street of Montmartre or the along banks of the Seine. This enticing blend of opulence and refinement works effortlessly in the living room where bold statements and casual comfort coexist side-by-side. And with the Twilight Bay Collection from Lexington Furniture, bringing Parisian style into your home is remarkably easy.

Parisian living room furniture at Baer's

The style hinges on key statement pieces, rich textures, and contrasting colors. A splash of deep burgundy or striking wallpaper add drama, but hot pink or too much black may create a look that crosses the line from upmarket into tacky. Let your statement pieces draw attention while your accessories, accent tables, and wall color taking on supporting roles that enhance the style.

Tips for Creating Living Room with French Appeal

Parisian style is nothing if not sensuous, so try to bring an element of the boudoir into the space—but keep it subtle. The soft, curvy Twilight Bay Abbey Chair from Lexington Furniture brings casual elegance and a hint of romance into any room. It creates a dramatically French feel with exposed wood details and sophisticated cabriole legs. The soft color theme adds timeless appeal and with a modern perspective.

Parisian style wood chair with cursive print fabric

Apartments in Paris are notoriously small, so keep the walls light. Hang a chandelier or take advantage of natural lighting when available. Make a statement wall, either with Parisian-inspired wallpaper or dark wood paneling that contrasts with but doesn’t detract from the neutral, earth-toned furniture. Pay attention to the details—cushions on the sofa, nail head trim to bring in a metallic element, and an area rug to anchor and warm up the space.

Let Your Creativity Stand Out

Remember to have fun with it—Parisian style lets you be really creative. Bold and sensuous, it will add a strong sense of class and casual refinement to your home. But keep in mind that Paris is a large, diverse city, from the grandeur of the Louvre to the stunning gardens of Versailles to the vibrant, bohemian ambiance of the Moulin Rouge. This gives you plenty of inspiration to draw from and makes the style a versatile one.

If you’re looking inspiration, or want to find statement furniture pieces with a little Parisian je ne sais quoi, then visit a Baer’s Furniture Showroom to see more pieces in the Twilight Bay Collection from Lexington Furniture today.

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