Thursday, May 5, 2016

Bedroom Design Essentials with Paula Deen Furniture

The bed is the focal point in any bedroom by default—it is the biggest and most often used piece of furniture in the space. You probably spend more time in your bedroom than any other room in your home, so make it a warm, inviting space in which you can feel relaxed and comfortable. The Paula Deen Dogwood Collection by Universal gives you a head start in creating the relaxed, comfy vibe you need in a bedroom. Let’s take it a few steps beyond the bed and explore the essential elements of bedroom design.

White 4-poster bed by Paula Deen at Baer's Furniture


Whether you prefer a mismatched side chair, a giant chaise lounge, or a bench at the end of the bed, you’ll need somewhere to sit that doesn’t include the bed. It’s nice to have a place to put on your shoes without messing up your freshly made bed. Or you can choose an option that gives you extra storage if you need it. The Dogwood Bed End Bench from the Paula Deen Collection by Universal helps anchor the space while beautifully contributing to your bedroom d├ęcor.

Window Treatments

When considering window treatments, think both about both light and darkness. That is, will they be used to let light in or keep it out? Or both, depending on the time of day? A combination of curtains and shades offers versatility. Or you can use window treatments to make a small room feel bigger or enhance the look of floor to ceiling windows.

Bedside Storage

It is essential that you have closed storage by the bed. At least one smallish drawer to hide night cream, television remote, reading glasses, or anything else you like to keep within easy reach. Get the best of old world charm and modern convenience with the Dogwood Nightstand from the Paula Deen Home Collection by Universal. The nightstand features built in electrical outlets so that you can charge your electronic devices while you relax. This also allows you to keep your cell phone nearby in case of an emergency. These features help you stay organized and keep your bedside clutter free.

Baer's Furniture is the leader in the Art of Florida Living. Discover your bedroom style with our complimentary design services!

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