Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tips for Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrored furniture, good idea gone bad or elegant design reminiscent of a more glamorous and eclectic era? Since we are still seeing glamorous mirrored interiors today, it is definitely a design statement that seems to have longevity. However, when it comes to decorating with mirrors, proceed with caution. Too much can look cheap or overdone, too little won’t make an impact.

Let’s begin by considering the many uses mirrors can have in the home, such as opening up space, reflecting light, and enhancing existing d├ęcor. However, to make the most of mirrors in your home, there are a few guidelines to follow. Below are a few dos and don’ts to consider.

Do Use Large Mirrors in Small Spaces

Adding a large mirror to a small space creates the illusion of depth, so don’t be hesitant to go big. Place a large mirror the dining room wall to reflect the light from the chandelier or install one across from a favorite piece of artwork. Or go even bigger, and install wall-to-wall mirrors. Use distress mercury glass mirrors or install sconces for a more modern look.

DO Use Mirrored Furniture Carefully

One or two pieces of mirrored furniture will add a touch of elegance to your home. A mirror chest of drawers, buffet server, or coffee tables are just a few of the options. Mirrors fool the eye, making a large piece of furniture look light and airy so that it doesn’t overpower a room. This also gives your room the illusion of extra space.

A piece such as the Borghese Mirrored Buffet Server by Bassett Mirror pictured above features a silver leaf finish that reflects your personal style. This extraordinary reimagination of an antique French look gives your room a modernized touch of Hollywood glam.

However, be careful not to use mirrored furniture in a room that is already has a lot going on in it. If the room already has a lot of accents, a mirrored piece can add to the cluttered look.

DO Create a Focal Point with Mirrors.

A floor leaner mirror is ideal for dressing up a space, especially bedrooms and corners. The Crestaire Mid-Century Modern Silver Leaf Finish Palm Canyon Floor Mirror makes a bold statement that sets the tone for the entire room. The artfully chaotic spoked framework and hand-applied silver leaf finish make it a show stopper.

DON’T Put Mirrors Willy-Nilly throughout the House.

You may be tempted to hang up a mirror to camouflage an empty space on the wall. Just make sure that want the mirror is reflecting is worth looking at. You wouldn’t want to put a mirror in a spot where it could reflect something you’d prefer your guests don’t see, such as a pile of clutter. Make sure the mirror brings light into the room or reflects a nice view.

DON’T Get Crazy with Mirrors in the Kitchen or Bedroom.

In general, mirrors are not needed in a kitchen and may actually be detrimental to the design. A mirrored backsplash may seem like a good idea, but it because it is a likely spot for water marks it would need continual maintenance. When use in the bedroom, the mirror should be placed so that it is behind you when you wake up.

DO Use Mirrors in Staircases and Narrow Hallways.

Small, horizontal mirrors work well in narrow spaces such as staircases and hallways. They visually widen the space and create better flow throughout the rooms.

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