Thursday, March 3, 2016

Make Your Bedroom a Seaside Retreat with Broyhill Furniture

Coastal-themed design is a popular way to bring a serene look into your home, especially into your bedroom. You can channel coastal chic by using calming whites, cooling blues, and elegant greys to bring the colors of the seaside into your home. Mix it up with vintage-inspired elements to give the room a time-worn, well-loved comfortable vibe. Using the tips below, you can create a guest room or master bedroom that feels like a coastal cottage retreat regardless of where it is geographically located.


White, cream or aqua are often associated with coastal designs, but you can also try a grey, taupe, or a light lavender. An eggshell finish will give you a depth of coverage that hides any slight wall imperfections.


The Mirren Harbor King Arched Panel Bed by Broyhill will quickly give your room that coastal cottage feel. The beautifully arched headboard lends cottage charm with its planked interior and carved crown.

Window Treatments

Use light, airy curtains on the bedroom windows—lace, cotton or linen. Ceiling to floor panels will add visual height. Or, you could opt for bare windows and just go with wooden blinds that will let in copious amounts of sunlight but also allow privacy when needed.


Traditional coastal interiors often feature hardwood floors in oak or pine. If you go that route, choose woods with a slightly distressed finish to extend the weathered look of a vintage coastal cottage. Or you could update the look with cool, neutral tile and place a neutral taupe, beige or tan floor rug in front of the bed to complete the look.


Lighting sets the mood in any room, and vintage-inspired light fixtures can really solidify the coastal cottage design. A crystal chandelier will amplify the antique appearance of the room, while lamps with white bases dark shades will make it more modern.


Here is where you can choose to go more coastal-y or more cottage-y, depending on your preference. You could use coastal accents such as a painting depicting a beach scene, vintage sand pails, beach-themed postcards, or a collection of shells. Or choose cottage accents such as botanical prints of flowers, glass bottles, and blue-grey pottery. Either way, placing old mercury-glass candlesticks with candles on the dresser will provide subtle nighttime light for you or your guests.

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