Thursday, March 31, 2016

Buffet, Sideboard, or Credenza: Pretty and Practical Pieces by Lexington Furniture

Whether you call it a sideboard, buffet, credenza, server, cabinet, or even console, the ways in which you can use this versatile piece of furniture out numbers its many names. Although often used interchangeably, there are some nuances attached to each name for this type of furniture. Buffet is probably the most widely used term for a long, low storage piece. You can find them in an amazing array of styles, from mirrored fronts and traditional finishes to the architecturally inspired Laurel Canyon Mariposa Buffet by Lexington Furniture

Lexington buffet at Baer's Furniture

Originating in England, the first sideboards were most likely simple planks set atop trestles, or a simple shelf attached to the wall and were a place to keep food while serving. It slowly evolved into the piece we know today with drawers for storage and shelves for displaying prized possessions. This piece of furniture often became a prized possession itself. The practicality and functionality of this piece caused it to move out of the kitchen and into the dining room, where it is called a buffet, and from there into the living room, where it may be called a sideboard.

Historically, buffets originated in Sweden but as the concept caught on throughout Europe, the dining room sideboard became the buffet. The Laurel Canyon Mariposa Buffet exudes timeless luxury with a modern spin. The chic, modern style will make this an essential piece for your dining room, giving you plenty of storage for your fine dinnerware. In addition, this reimagining of a traditional sideboard will give your special events a touch of modern elegance.

Take Five Sideboard from Baer's Furniture

The word credenza is derived from English "credence" and the Italian "belief". This harkens back to a credenza’s original purpose of a place for food that needed to be tested for poison before being served to royalty. Initially, credenzas were just cabinets that reached to the floor. However, during the midcentury modern design period, credenzas enjoyed a comeback and became a long, low cabinet with long slender legs, and sliding doors.

However, once you move into the living room your buffet becomes a sideboard. The TAKE FIVE Sideboard by Lexington brings the clean lines of midcentury modern into your home. Styled with midcentury modern lamps and mirror, the piece becomes a focal point in your living room while giving you additional storage and the perfect spot to serve cocktails when entertaining.

If you need to add extra storage to any room in your house, you can do it with style using a sideboard, buffet, or credenza from Lexington Furniture. Visit the Baer’s Showroom near you to find the latest styles.

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