Friday, December 16, 2016

Creating Modern Elegance in Interior Design at Naples Square

Ronto Group’s Naples Square is bringing a walkable lifestyle to downtown Naples. Naples Square includes one and two-story units with two and three bedroom plus den floorplans. The units offer open-air terraces and open-concept living areas. The Denison model features elegantly casual interior design provided by Baer’s Furniture Design Services that makes it the epitome of Florida living.

Baer has created a classic, contemporary design that emphasizes relaxed comfort and extreme livability. The furniture pieces are timeless with clean-lined, mid-century design elements and rich textures that add depth to the design. The model’s neutral color palette of whites and taupes is anything but boring with accents in coastal tones of green, blue, and aqua. Linen-textured ceramic tile flooring in the main living area ties the look together.

The Denison’s foyer includes a tray ceiling with cove LED lighting that emits a subtle glow. In the foyer, a rosewood console supports a chrome lamp while two chic contemporary sconces hang above it. In the study, the built-in cabinetry with ebony finish serves as an entertainment center and work station. The Baer’s Furniture design professional chose comfortable leather chairs, a linen settee, and wallpaper with a geometrical pattern to evoke a cozy club-like atmosphere in the room.

The open-concept living room seating group features a luxurious sofa upholstered in aqua cotton fabric and adorned with accent pillows in aqua chenille. Two arm chairs in textured off-white fabric and a white side chair with an open oval back keep the open feel. The room is anchored by an aqua area rug and a walnut-stained coffee table completes the grouping.

The wrap around balcony forms two of the dining room’s walls, bringing in plenty of fresh sunlight. The glass top dining room table seats six and the chairs are upholstered in aqua fabric. The nickel and crystal chandelier create an alluring focal point and the dropped ceiling visually separates the living space and dining room.

The master bedroom’s off-white and aqua tones are highlighted by velvet cut throw pillows and silk draperies. It features a built-in treatment on the bed that showcases the cream upholstered headboard. The walnut veneered night stands with reeded drawer fronts give the space a plush contemporary feel. The curved front dresser with nickel accents adds ample storage and an ottoman and lounge chair invite you to plop down and rest for a bit. 

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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Canopy Beds That Create a Romantic Bedroom

Is there anything more romantic than a canopy bed? Although canopy beds are a symbol of romance in the bedroom, that was not their original purpose. They came into existence for reasons that were more practical than extravagant or decadent. Canopy beds with curtains that could be drawn completely around the bed were favored by noblemen and lords in medieval Europe for privacy and warmth, since castles and keeps at that time not only did not have central heat, but often attendants slept in the same room.

Romantic canopy bed at Baer's Furniture

However, many people these days are opting for a scaled-down canopy bed that sometimes doesn’t even include the draperies. Just a four-poster with a frame creates a simple, beautiful, romantic and modern feel to the bedroom. In these cases, the canopy frames become a part of the bedroom décor. The Pavilion Poster Bed with Canopy from A.R.T. Furniture creates a sense of grandeur with its turned posts and bare metal canopy. It transforms any bedroom into a romantic retreat.

The metal canopy frame’s antique brass tone complements the bed’s barley finish. By leaving it bare, you get a more neutral space that can be romantic without seeming too feminine. The curtain beside the bed creates the feel of a canopied bed while keeping the simplicity of a bare frame. Or, you can choose to add the canopy included with the bed. Plush neutral bedding, a soft throw blanket, and the accent drawer chest used as a bedside table keep the room simple and chic. A bench at the end of the bed gives you a place to sit and relax.

Keeping the canopy bare gives you many options for freshening up your décor without overhauling your entire room. You can hang drapery panels around the corners at the headboard so that you get the look of a canopy with a more open feel. Either a fresh floral print or a neutral dark gray, beige, or even greige, whatever suits your mood at the moment.

Dating back to medieval Europe, the ageless grace and sense of luxury and romance of canopy beds look at home in a traditional bedroom. With so many decorating options, they can also add flair to a modern or transitional bedroom.

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Décor Inspiration from the Tropics

Have you ever jumped on a plane to vacation in the tropics, only to have it end all too soon? If you came home from your last tropical vacation with a love of breezy island style, then maybe it is time to consider recreating some of that style in your home. From comfortable chairs to decorative accents, you can bring touches that are reminiscent of an exotic location into your décor.

When looking for tropical décor, focus on natural looking pieces and decorative items that evoke a seaside lifestyle. Options such as seashell embroidered pillows and artwork depicting a tranquil seaside can instantly add exotic décor without straying into kitsch. Items that reflect the color of the islands such as earthy browns, vibrant blues, and lush greens enhance the tropical vibe.

Tommy Bahama Twin Palms Rattan Bed at Baers Furniture

Exotic Woods

Bamboo, rattan, wicker, teak, and mahogany all fit the tropical décor formula. If you want to introduce a tropical vibe into your bedroom, try a bed crafted from one or more of these exotic woods, such as the Twin Palms St. Kitts Woven Rattan Bed by Tommy Bahama. The bed frame features bamboo and rattan latticework and contrasting brass finials that make it the epitome of tropical style. Leather wrap and woven raffia grass details accent the Asian-inspired latticework.

Natural Fibers on Floors and Walls

Nothing says tropical décor louder than area rugs in natural fibers such as sisal, jute, or seagrass. If you like a bolder look, layer some striped rugs in tropical color combinations such as white and navy, citrus colors such as orange or lime green, or even pastels. This will add texture and infuse the space with a casual, tropical vibe.

Tommy Bahama twin palms teal chest at bears furniture

Bring in Some Green

Tropical plants such as palms, anthuriums, bromeliads, philodendrons, and monstera deliciosa, will infuse any space with a vacation-y mood with the added benefit of keeping the air in your home fresh. Or cut a few palm leaves and display them in a clear glass vase. To bring in more green, place them on the Twin Palms Teal Accent Chest. The raffia top is sealed under a tempered glass sheet so it can support any decorative items you choose to put on it. This chest is a versatile piece that gives you extra storage and style at the same time.

Finishing Touches

Bamboo blinds don’t just allow light in, they also give your room a charming, bungalow-y feel. Choose shags in light or natural hues. If you prefer, you can use gauzy curtains in light pastels such as muted orange, baby blue, or beige, depending on your color palette. Striped upholstery and tropical motifs on pillows and other accessories add the finishing touch.

In Florida, the living is easy, so there’s no reason not to liven up your home with tropical inspired décor. A few carefully chosen decorative touches will give your space a tropical vibe and keep the beachy mood even after your holiday is over.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

5 Themes for Decorating Wall Units

The right wall unit can transform a plain, boring wall, into a stylish focal point. Whether it’s a wall unit in your living room, office or bedroom, the unit can become an extension of the room’s décor.
If you’re looking to add a wall unit to your space, it’s also time to start thinking about the décor you will display on the wall unit’s shelving. There are many different ways you can decorate a wall unit, including different themes that best fit your style.


What better way to dress up your wall unit than by displaying some of your favorite holiday décor. While you may wish to choose some everyday items for your wall unit, changing it up with each passing holiday will keep your home looking festive. Consider a festive wreath, vases with fall foliage and colorful gourds for autumn. Present the family menorah or Christmas décor passed down from family to family during the holiday season. You will have plenty to choose from if you theme your wall unit by the holidays.

tommy bahama bookcase at baers furniture

Family First

If your home is central for family gatherings, decorate your wall unit with an assortment of family photos and knickknacks. Consider putting family heirlooms out alongside some of your favorite family photos. Frames featuring quotes about family and love are also a great option for declaring your familial bond. With 25 shelf compartments, The Tommy Bahama Ocean Club Pacifica Entertainment Console and Two Tradewinds Bookcases Wall Unit above is a great option for displaying an assortment of picture frames, vases and family heirlooms.

Beach It

Nothing says Florida living like a display of coral, fan coral, shells, and other beach-themed accouterments. The Tommy Bahama Ocean Club Slide Door Point Break Entertainment Chest above can house some of your favorite beachy décor. The sliding glass doors allow for a closer look at the items exhibited while puck lighting illuminates the wood-framed glass shelves. Use hurricane glasses to envelop a pillar candle surrounded by shells, colorful coral can brighten the room while mother-of-pearl picture frames will allow you to showcase all your beachside adventures.

Be a Bookworm

If your home has more of a traditional style, the Hooker Clermont Four Piece Entertainment Group above can house your television and entertainment consoles, as well as store all your books. With five shelves per side, you’ll have plenty of room for all your favorite works of fiction and non-fiction. The storage space also provides enough room for you to display bookends that fit into your home’s style.

Your Collections

Maybe you collect books and bird cages or perhaps you’ve developed a knack for building model airplanes. One way to decorate you wall unit is by showing off your collection. Your home should resonate with your style, what better way to do that than by putting your hobbies on display. Show off the ships in a bottle you’ve completed or your kids’ framed artwork. The Summer Hill Entertainment Wall Unit above is a great option for displaying your collections, without having to fear your prized possessions will be touched by all those who pass by it.

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Saturday, December 3, 2016

Baer’s Furniture Reviews: Accolades for Customer Service and Selection

Since Baer’s Furniture opened its first South Florida store in 1968, they have been providing great values on name furniture brands. Fast forward almost 40 years and they have 16 locations scattered throughout Florida, from Miami to Orlando and west to Ft. Myers and Naples. An important part of the Baer’s philosophy is creating the best possible customer experience.

The furniture business has changed a lot in the last decade. Competition is fierce and customers are incredibly savvy. Baer’s faces the challenges by focusing on quality furniture and a style that is perfect for Florida living. And although many customers have already done a ton of online research before they even enter the store, furniture buying is still a tactile experience.

Baer’s has found that customers often want the advice of a design expert, a complimentary service Baer’s Furniture has been offering their clients for more than 15 years. Their goal is to continue helping customers make their dream homes become a reality.

Baer’s Furniture Helps Customers Achieve Their Dream of a Beautifully Furnished Home

Jason says:
“… Great selection, fair prices, and helpful staff … [I] check out a few other places and usually wind up at Baer’s …” 
Read the full review.

Annette Azzara says:
“Dawn was excellent! … The delivery was white glove all the way.” 
Read the full review.

Repeat customer Christina Michaelson says:
“This is the second time I have bought a house full of furniture from Baers. … I would absolutely recommend Baers to anyone looking for quality furniture” 
Read the full review.

Mary Anne Monnin says:
“… The staff is so extremely helpful … We got 3 of the 4 pieces on sale and are extremely happy… We took the financing for 1 year with no interest, that made it even easier to purchase high quality furniture“ 
Read the full review.

R.R. on Yelp says:
“… We received excellent service … Since we do not live in the area we had to do a lot of things over the phone … It is very difficult to find this level of service … they have one very pleased and happy Customer.”
Read the full review.

Self-proclaimed perfectionist Mary-Jane B. on Yelp says:
“ … I tend to be a perfectionist, and hardly anything gets anything near a superior rating - excellent, but not superior. … to feel so valued and appreciated and still achieving the results you're after is such a pleasant way to experience furniture buying. … Great items, exceptional service!”
Read the full review. 

The Baer’s Furniture Commitment

Decorating your home has its challenges, to be sure, but that doesn’t mean that creating a home that reflects your taste and style has to be a long, tortuous process. Baer’s remains committed to making choosing and buying furniture an enjoyable, satisfying experience.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Baer's Furniture Store Gift Cards: The Perfect Gift for Passionate Decorators

Do you have someone on your holiday shopping list who is particularly hard to buy for? Someone who seems to have everything? Instead of reading tea leaves or consulting a psychic to determine what to get for those people, how about a gift card? Gift cards are becoming more popular than ever, and it’s not hard to see why.

Gift cards are a safe gift brimming with possibility, especially for anyone on your list who likes interior design. Or maybe you have a friend or family member who recently bought a house. A gift card tells them you know what they need and you want them to have it. Baer’s Furniture Store is the perfect place to look for home décor and the perfect place to find a gift card for the decorator or new home owner on your list.

Here are some reasons why you should consider a Baer’s Furniture store gift card for someone special on your list.

1) They are less likely to go to waste than other regular gifts
 Here’s a fun fact: almost $50 billion dollars’ worth of holiday gifts are returned each year, most of which is unwanted clothing. It’s difficult to get clothing styles, sizes, and colors right and returning clothing can be a hassle. Interior design is the same: people are very picky about their style and colors, so why not give a gift card? That way they can choose exactly what they want. Or they can take advantage of Baer’s complimentary design service and find something that fits in perfectly with their décor.

2) They make giving and receiving more fun
Most people plan their home décor purchases and take their time deciding what they want. When you give a Baer’s gift card, you are giving the joy of wandering through the store examining accessories, area rugs, sofas, chair, and consoles. They can also take advantage of Baer’s guaranteed best prices or seasonal sales.

3) Gift cards are practical and portable
Have you ever tried to wrap a chair or dining room table? Or carry it to a holiday gathering? With a Baer’s Furniture store gift card, you can easily wrap and carry your gift wherever you want. And when they use it, their gift can be delivered directly to their home.

Some say gift cards are lazy and impersonal, but is that really the case? I’d like to suggest that a gift card is the most personal present there is. When you give a gift card, you are giving the gift of freedom to the recipient: they can buy whatever they want, whenever they want. They say you know what your friend/relative/spouse likes and you want them to get it. And there’s a special beauty in that. 

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

What’s Your Lexington Dining Room Set Personality

Your dining room set is a window to your personality and entertaining style. Do you gravitate toward traditional, minimalist, flashy, or trendy? If you’re not sure what your design personality is, read on. Below are examples of styles and the types of personalities that tend to be drawn toward them. Check out the dining room from Lexington Furniture below and see which one suits your style.

Baers Furniture Lexington Oyster Bay

The Glamourous Life with Lexington Furniture

Your centerpiece, your lighting, the mirror on the wall all have an element of bling. You may have shown some restraint, but deep down you wonder if you really can have too much bling. If this is you, you probably love the Oyster Bay Eleven Piece dining set by Lexington. The glamourous table set the stage for intimate dinners, scintillating cocktail parties, and elegant dinners.

Baers Furniture Lexington Monterey Sands

The Empty Nester

You’ve packed the kids off to colleges and maybe even recently moved to a warmer climate such as Florida. You need something with a laidback style such as the Monterey Sands dining set. This set from Lexington matches your lifestyle as you often stroll in after spending the day golfing. Dinner time topics are usually the weather and who is breaking the HOA codes. You are seeking new hobbies, since you are way to hip to take up knitting. Unless you’ve been knitting all along, as apparently the 20-somethings think knitting is cool. And you are somewhat tech savvy, you just got an iPad, but may need a little help from the kids when they visit at winter break.

Baers Furniture Lexington Carrera Dining Room

The Foodie Set

If you have high-end food tastes, you need a high-end table to match. The gorgeous Carrera Modena table and chairs, with their deep carbon gray finish, Gray Mist upholstery, and nail head trim does just that. While you are convinced you could be a Top Chef contender, you prefer to cook for your exclusive guest list. And anyone who asks for ketchup or salt will get the eye roll. You knew kale was a thing before anyone else and have moved on to sunchokes and kalettes. Your friends may have labeled you a perfectionist, but you’re not insulted.

baers furniture Lexington Take Five Dining room

The Modern Set

You travel a lot, work a lot, and maybe eat Chinese takeout standing up. A lot. You still need a table and chairs, and a sleek set such as the Take Five dining room set fills the bill. You also think floral centerpieces are great for weddings – and that’s all. When you do entertain, you create small, intimate affairs that feature discussions of art, science, and music.

Do you see yourself on this list? What’s your dining room set personality?  

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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Baer’s Furniture Reviews: Satisfied Customers Talk about Their Furniture Buying Experience

Your décor and furnishings go a long way towards creating a cozy, comfortable atmosphere in your home. But how do you know what to buy, where to start, and how to achieve the look you desire? That’s where a professional interior designer can help. Baer’s Furniture offers a complimentary design service staffed with honest, committed, and talented interior design professionals. 

At a better-quality furniture store such as Baer’s, a designer will sit with you, ask questions, and really listen to find out what is most important to you when furnishing your home. Sherri Lubanski raves about Baer’s Furniture design professional Marcia Nease “Marcia has been a true asset and advocate for me in making decisions … She has impeccable taste, yet is very easy to work with.” 

Baer's furniture tommy bahama sofa

Baer’s Furniture Acknowledges That Todays’ Consumers Are Savvier

Today’s consumers are much more sophisticated. Most people do the bulk of their research online. They come into the store with a better idea of what they want. However, furniture buying still involves the senses: people want to feel the fabrics, sit on the cushions, and see the colors of the pieces before they buy. They also want to ask questions to ensure that they are getting a quality product. They may want value and good prices, but they also want quality.

But how do you prepare for furniture shopping? This is another area in which consumers have become much more knowledgeable. They can research on sites such as Houzz and Pinterest and get inspiration from shows they watch on HGTV. They know what they like and dislike. That was the case for Susan Stern. She explains how interior design consultant Jesse Shannon helped her find exactly what she wanted. “Mr. Jesse Shannon was the catalyst that made this all possible. I was looking online for a recliner similar to the one I inherited from my mother. … My whole experience has been nothing but a joy and I am so satisfied with my purchase.” Read more of Susan Stern’s Baer’s Furniture Review.

Baer’s Pride in Their People and Their Brand Shines Through

The Baer’s brand includes what they consider the extended Baer’s family. This is a long-term group of partners who care passionately about what they do. They are talented and committed to creating the best possible customer experience. This ethic is then combined with furnishings from the finest names in the industry. The final pillars in the Baer’s brand are providing the best prices and quick delivery.

Baer’s Furniture prides itself on finding collections that have unique statement pieces that will become the focal point of any room. They consider these pieces like great pieces of art that will make you happy every time you look at them. The expert sales staff is committed to helping consumers find exactly what they want, as Shevaun Steward-Kuhn discovered. “I had a WOW experience. … the delivery service was GREAT. … Baer’s has some delivery app that I used and could watch where the truck was on its way to me. I loved that!” Read more if Shevaun Steward-Kuhn’s Baer’s Furniture Review.

Over the years, Baer’s Furniture has built their brand on quality: quality furniture, quality design service, and quality customer service. Their goal is to make every customer a return customer. Learn more about Baer's Furniture. Follow Baer's Furniture on Twitter to find out more about their in house design professionals.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Liven up Your Décor with a Leather Accent Loveseat from Broyhill

People usually pick sofas in a neutral or bright color, but there’s nothing wrong with trying something a little different to create a unique space. Have you considered a pink leather sofa? Pink has gotten bad rap, often thought of a feminine or girly and appropriate for a child’s bedroom. However, pink also reflects romance, compassion, and elegance. When you add an accent sofa in pale pink, you bring a touch of the unexpected to any room. A pink leather loveseat from the Perspectives Collection by Broyhill gives you an option that is fresh and unique without being overly girlish.

Begin your process by focusing on the pink loveseat itself. We’re not talking about hot pink, magenta, fuchsia, or even rose in this case. If you are not used to decorating with pink, it’s best to start with a soft, gentle pink. Throw pillows in dark purple or dark blue will make your loveseat look dazzling, and be sure to use them in other fabrics in the room, such as drapes and area rugs. You can also make a subtler statement by using white for accessories instead of bolder colors. Dark wood, neutral colors, chocolate brown, and subtle industrial touches are softened by a pink sofa. Or you can go bolder by mixing several shades and patterns of pink.

Once you’ve determined the colors you want to use, you can move on accent pieces surrounding the loveseat. Try table lamps with crystal, acrylic, or silver bases and add black and white shades in stripes, circles or other geometric patterns. Incorporate silver finishes on framed art, photos, and mirrors. Fresh flowers in a crystal or glass vase liven up any room.

Next focus on the wall color: white or other neutral shades are safe choices that will highlight your pink loveseat. Or you can try something a little unusual such as green, orange, or even different hues of pink. Your color choices depend on what atmosphere you want to create in your room.

Decorating a living room isn’t rocket surgery, and if you have a sense of what is charming and chic you can design an amazing living space. The element of surprise created by adding an unexpected element, such as a pink leather sofa, is an easy way to amplify your décor. It’s not for everyone, but will certainly make your style stand out in a crowd.

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Friday, November 18, 2016

Baer’s Furniture Customer Service Awards

Baer’s Furniture in Naples, FL has been presented with four Southwest Florida (SWFL) Choice Awards by the Naples Daily News. They won three gold awards each in the categories of Furniture Stores, Interior Design, and Outdoor Furnishings and a silver in the Home Furnishing category. These awards reflect the hard work put in by the Baer’s staff and their commitment to providing the best possible customer service.

tommy bahama furniture at Baers

The SWFL Choice Awards are determined by reader voting, which makes this achievement even more significant. Being honored as the best by your community is a special honor. Last year Baer’s Furniture earned three golds, the first time a furniture and design store had won three gold awards in the same year. And earned is right. This year’s awards are a result of Baer’s continuing commitment to their community and their insistence on continuously improving their level of service.

Naples Daily News readers selected the award-winners in an online voting process. Voting began May 22 and ended June 5. The Daily News has broken the awards into seven categories such as entertainment, restaurants, and shopping, with 168 subcategories within those main categories. It is estimated that 98,000 readers of the Daily News voted.

 This year’s event was the largest in SWFL Choice Award history. Almost 650 business owners and entrepreneurs, as well as their friends and family, celebrated together with drinks, entertainment, and raffles. Previous winners have noted that they have had an uptick in business that they attribute directly to winning the award.

In addition to top brands at the best prices, Baer’s Furniture offers accessories, flooring, window treatments, and wallpaper services. They also have an in-house, free design service available for Baer’s customers. Their qualified design team is ready to help put the finishing touches on your home décor, or design your home from the ground up.

However, Baer’s is not content to rest on their laurels. The entire Baer’s Furniture team works hard to ensure that their customers have the best buying experience possible. They don’t take the regard and respect of their community for granted. They know that next year, someone will try to outdo them. And they are up for the challenge.

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Warming Up Your Home Décor for Fall

While fall is not all that different from summer time in Florida, it does mean some cooler weather and preparation for the holiday season. Although there is not much of a seasonal change, you can still bring fall into your home through your décor.

Decorating your home for fall doesn’t have to involve a complete makeover. By adding complimenting accents, you can enjoy a new home décor look before the holidays.

Use Fall’s Bounty

Apples, cranberries, pears, and pumpkins are all fall favorites and you can use them throughout your home. Place some faux gourds on your mantle or use cranberries to surround a pillar candle inside a hurricane vase. Apples are a great touch in a basket or decorative bowl in the kitchen. White faux pumpkins are growing in popularity, as are colorful faux pumpkins. Choose colorful pumpkins that fit in with your current home décor.

Accent Your Home with Fall Scents

Cloves, spice, and cinnamon are all common autumn scents. Scents can be added through candles, essential oils, a cinnamon broom, or by making your own potpourri. You can also mix together ingredients like apples, oranges, cinnamon, and anise and simmer them on your stovetop to fill your home with a great aroma.

Fall Foliage

While you won’t be able to go outdoors to find brightly colored leaves in Florida, you can find faux foliage at your nearest craft store. Place pinecones in a decorative bowl in the living room. Find faux berry branches and place them in vases throughout your home. As Florida is not known for its fall foliage, use it sparingly when decorating during this time of year.


Swap out bright, summery home accessories, like throw pillows, for warm earthy tones, like red, orange, brown and gold. A new throw blanket is also a great way to add a touch of fall to the living room or your bedroom.

Cozy Up Outside

A fire pit is a great way to enjoy fall in Florida. It’s also a great time to cozy up on your patio furniture and read a book or dine outdoors. Add some brown, orange or gold throw pillows, use a new throw blanket for when the weather cools at night and add some lanterns for more lighting.

There are many ways you can enjoy fall in Florida and bring just a touch of the north down south.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Reasons to Buy Just a Headboard

So, you are decorating your bedroom and wondering if you need to buy a complete bed, or can make do with just a headboard. There are many reasons to choose just a headboard instead of an entire bed frame that includes both a headboard and a footboard. Here some reasons why you might want to consider using only a headboard.
baers furniture lexington headboard

Space Constraints

Small bedrooms can look even smaller when filled with a bed that has both a headboard and a footboard. One way to make your room look bigger is to eliminate the footboard. The simple shape and sophisticated faux leather basket weave upholstery on the Shadow Play headboard adds interest without making the room seem too small. Headboards that have an interesting texture can help give your bedroom a spacious feel. But more than that, not only does a headboard make your room seem bigger, it also actually gives you more space. Walking around a room with just headboard is much easier – there is nothing in the way to stub your toes on in the darkness or dim lighting. Your toes, hips, shins, and knees will be eternally grateful.

Easier to Make the Bed

We may not admit it, those of us who don’t, but not everyone makes their bed every morning. But if you have a bed with just a headboard, you may save yourself a few headaches. All that tucking is much easier, not to mention faster, without a footboard. You may even save yourself some broken fingernails and scraped knuckles. You may even find yourself making your bed more often.

Taller People

Using just a headboard is a great option for someone taller. It may not solve every problem, but it will keep you from kicking the footboard in the middle of the night. It is also a good way to add sleeping space without adding cost.

bears furniture headboard

Bed Skirts and Dust Ruffles

In addition to being easier to make a bed without a footboard, it is also easier to find bedding that fits on it. Beds with footboards require dust ruffles or bed skirts made specifically for them.

Personal Preference

While there are many practical reasons to use just a headboard, the most common one is personal preference. Some people just prefer to have just a headboard.

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Monday, November 7, 2016

Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests

preparing your home for entertaining holiday guests
Get your home ready for entertaining holiday guests.

The holiday season is officially here. As you prepare a delicious Thanksgiving menu and get ready to decorate your home with all your favorite fall finds, it's also time to start thinking about prepping your home for holiday guests.

No matter if you plan to have two guests or ten, or if they're staying for a weekend or a full week, preparing your home can help make the process easier for both you and your guests.


Don't wait to declutter your home in order to make room for your guests and their luggage. Free up space in the foyer, den, dining room and kitchen. Remove unnecessary items from countertops, linen closets and guest bedrooms. Think of this time as spring cleaning 2.0.

Make Upgrades

It might be time for a new coat of paint or time to oil those squeaky doors. If your guest bedroom has yet to be used, consider buying a fresh bedding set for your guests or a sleeper sofa, such as the Broyhill Queen Sleeper Sofa, for your den. Add a ceiling fan and light combination in the guest bedroom, and consider adding a chest so guests can put away their clothes rather than live out of a suitcase.

baer holiday home design

Prepare the Kitchen

The kitchen is the most popular gathering place during the holidays. From breakfast to dinner, guests will gather around the kitchen for meal preparation, to grab drinks, or to simply chit chat with their hosts. Consider creating a coffee station in the dining room for your guests so they don't crowd the kitchen in the morning. Servers, such as the Contemporary Bartlett Tiered Server, are a great option for setting out a continental buffet for breakfast or midday nibbles like a charcuterie platter.

Offer More Storage Space

More guests mean more stuff everywhere. Consider adding a rack with hooks for hanging scarves and jackets in the foyer. Add open shelves in the bathroom where guests can easily find extra towels or toiletries. Outfit the guest bedroom with small baskets filled with magazines or light reading material, tissues, bottled water and other goodies. Make sure the guest bedroom has plenty of closet space and empty drawers.

Move Furniture Around

Create an inviting space by moving around your living room furniture. Furniture arrangements can change how your guests chat while you're preparing culinary delights in the kitchen. All your furniture should be around the same height so people can talk eye-to-eye. If you need more seating, consider buying a new chair or chair and ottoman set.

Visit a Baer's Furniture near you to find all the necessary pieces for a wonderful holiday season.

Friday, October 28, 2016

An Unexpected Accent with a Unique Chest of Drawers

A chest of drawers can add versatility and functionality to the décor of any room in your house. Or any space in your house – foyer, entryways, hallways, and breakfast nooks are great places to put a chest of drawers. Wherever you decide to put your chest of drawers, the conveniences it gives you lets you keep everything out of site but still within in easy reach. Below are some ways you can add the unexpected to your décor with a chest of drawers.
chest of drawers available at Baers

Bedroom Storage

Even if you have plenty of closet space and don’t need extra clothing storage, there is still a place for a chest of drawers in a bedroom. A small chest of drawers next to the bed, such as the elegant paneled piece above, makes a lovely nightstand. Create visual contrast by using a different, leggy style on the other side of the bed. Place a reading lamp and a small grouping of family photos or cherished collectibles.

Living Room Style

You can also use a chest of drawers to add a little eclectic flair to your living room. Place a small chest parallel with your sofa or chair’s arm. This will work best if there is just a few inches difference between the top edge of the chair or sofa’s arm and the top of the chest. With such a small piece, you don’t have to make a commitment to one particular style, as long as it goes with the current style of your living room.

theodore alexander chest of drawers at Baer's

Home Office

Every home office needs a place to put the printer, why not make yours stylish? A sturdy chest of drawers not only supports your printer but provides plenty of storage for printer paper and other office supplies. A chest like the one above lets you keep files and paperwork handy in the lower drawers, all neatly labeled.

Entry Hall

A small chest adds charm and functionality to your entry way. You can hang a mirror on the wall above it for last minute hair and make checks and use the drawers to stash extra car keys, sunglasses, and other necessities. Add a table lamp on top, a tray for mail, and some decorative items that will make your entryway a practical and welcoming space for guests and family members.

Breakfast Nook

If you have walls of windows in your breakfast nook that make using a baker’s rack or china cupboard impractical, try a chest of drawers instead. The drawers are great for storing tablecloths, napkins, and place mats. You can set up a mini buffet, tea tray, or coffee service on the top. 

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ideas for Quick and Easy Room Makeovers

You may love your home décor, but every once in a while, you want something a little different and look for ideas for easy room makeovers. Maybe you like to reflect the seasons in your décor, maybe you are entertaining and want to add some theme elements for that special occasion. Here are some ideas for temporary, or permanent if you like, ways for quick room makeovers.

Add Color

Use accessories to add color. Pillows and throws are an easy way to add color, or change color to stay in tune with the seasons. You can bring books and other items in the same color palette and arrange them on the sideboard in your dining room. Try adding a contrasting color to your bedroom décor by draping a colorful throw over your headboard. The good thing about using accessories is that if you don’t like the look, or when the seasons change, you don’t have to keep them.

Or, in a bedroom, you can easily change the look by changing the comforter and bedclothes. The Tommy Bahama Twin Palms bed looks cool and nautical dressed in blue and white. Pieces of coral on the bedside tables carry the theme throughout the space. But when the bed is dressed in green, tropical prints, the room takes on a completely different feel.

Indoor Plants

Yes, it can be that easy. If you have potted plants on your patio or porch, move some of them inside for a few days. Use them to brighten up a living room or dining room for special occasions. Or add seasonal plants to your décor during the holidays. And while we are discussing plants, we should also talk about flowers. Flowers are a tried, true, and easy room makeover idea.

You don’t have to use the traditional containers for the plants and flowers. Use an odd-shaped or colorful planter for you indoor plants. Or a pitcher for you flowers. Small vases filled with flowers, or small potted plants, grouped together make a stylish statement. Or even a single standout bud or tall stalk can do the trick.

Wall Art with Photos and Mirrors

Do you have a blank wall that is just screaming for some attention? How about hanging a decorative mirror? The geometric detail in the Salon Mirror by Bernhardt reflects light throughout the space. It is a gorgeous blend of shapes and styles suitable for a home full of antiques or an eclectic apartment. Or you can make a gallery of your family photos or pictures taken while on vacation. Remember to follow a theme and lay out your framed photographs on the floor before you start hammering.

Change Your Door and Cabinet Knobs

You can get a quick and easy kitchen makeover by changing the pulls and knobs. Choosing colorful or quirky designs will really liven up the space.

Dining Table Centerpieces

Colorful, fresh fruit in a big glass bowl make a refreshing, edible dining table centerpiece when entertaining. Or group a variety breads on a tray with a selection of dips to add a special touch of warmth to dinner parties.

Learn more about Baer's Furniture. Read about the Spirit of Life Award dinner in honor of Baer's Furniture and their commitment to fighting cancer.

Friday, October 21, 2016

Accent Walls That Add Style to Your Bedroom

One of the simplest and easiest ways to add an extra dollop of style to your bedroom is to create an accent wall. There are a plethora of finishes for accent walls, ranging from paint to wall paper to paneling. Once you’ve chosen your bedroom furniture and decided on the layout of your space, you can begin to think about how an accent wall can add color, depth, and texture to your décor.

Decorative Paneling and Molding

Wood paneling, molding or wainscoting will make your accent wall really stand out. This technique is popular in modern, country, and rustic design styles. In modern bedrooms, the wood’s natural color and texture are often incorporated into the design, while in country bedrooms the paneling is usually painted white with a pastel color on the walls. In the room above, the bedroom furniture, Summer Hill from Universal, complements the accent wall with woven rattan on the headboard and footboard.

Interior Wall Paint

Using a bold or vivid paint color is a quick, easy, and ever-popular way to add an accent wall. It also provides you with many options for highlighting your current bedroom furniture. Egg shell, satin, or semi-gloss finishes are most commonly used. You can create a two-tone or ombre look, or a bold solid color that highlights the colors already in your palette.

Faux Finish or Decorative Techniques

If you want to take painting to the next level, consider a faux finish or decorative technique. Color washing adds depth by adding a glaze on top of a base color. How the glaze is applied – dry brush, sponge, or cloth – you will get a more subtle or more textured look. Random and varied wiping motions will also create more visual interest. A fresco technique will give you a parchment look, ragging will give you a well-worn leather look, and glitter, of course, will give you a touch of glam.

Wallpaper and Faux Painting

Another tried-and-true method is applying wallpaper to one wall. It’s tried and true for a reason, this method has stood the test of time. Just when you think wallpaper is out, there is someone on HGTV applying it to an accent wall. Today’s wallpaper comes in varieties that can add a traditional, contemporary, or modern element to your bedroom as well as texture, pattern, and color.

Wall murals are perfect for accent walls in a child or teen bedroom. They can be added with paint or wallpaper. Examples include cityscapes, sports or movie themes, or cartoon characters. Wallpaper and faux painting are great ways to add a little flair to any room.


Some elements already in the room can give you an almost ready-made accent wall. Windows are one option, if you have them use them. Just arrange your bedroom furniture so that the windows are behind the bed. Then dress the windows simply with shears to allow the natural light to stream in.

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Choose Kingsdown Mattress Technology for Better Sleep

Most of the time, it is fairly obvious when you need to replace something you own. You can tell when your shoes or clothing are worn out, when your TV is no longer working, or when your car needs to be replaced. The signs of wear and tear on most items is usually obvious. Maybe the item has ceased functioning altogether. However, knowing when it is time to get a new mattress is not so clear cut.

Your mattress can still seem comfortable after it has ceased providing your body with the comfort and support it needs. However, since sleep plays an important role in your ability to feel your best and do your best, you can’t afford to wait until you no longer get a good night’s sleep to replace your mattress.

You May Need a New Mattress If:

  1.  You feel stiff, achy or have numbness when you wake up
  2. You sleep better anywhere except in your own bed – on the sofa or in a hotel
  3. You see dips, lumps, or other signs of visible wear and tear on your mattress
You should be looking for signs of wear and tear or substandard support from you mattress after you have owned of for 5-7 years of regular use. And remember, your body and physical condition will change over time, and a mattress that once gave you good support may need to be replaced.

Most people go into a store and test out a new mattresses before they make a decision. Often they try it out for a few minutes to see how it feels. The flaw in this method lies with the fact that you are awake when you do this, and your muscles are not completely relaxed. Relaxed muscles require a different kind of support. When you get the right postural support, you’ll feel the difference. Instead of waking up tired, sore, and exhausted, you’ll wake up feeling healthier and stronger.

Kingsdown Mattress Technology Takes the Guesswork Out of Mattress Shopping

As with most things these days, there is technology to help you get the mattress that best suits your body’s support needs. Patented by Kingsdown and based on more than a century of experience, the bedMATCH diagnostic system pairs you with the mattress that will give your body the support it needs. The Kingsdown mattress technology uses 18 statistical measurements and more than 1,000 scientific calculations as well as information about your sleep preferences and physical condition.

The bedMATCH diagnostic system identifies the best pressure relief and postural support for your body. Based on this information, it provides you with a selection of mattress that will give your body the support it needs. And you’ll find that when your mattress gives you the best postural support based on your sleeping position and body type, your body remains properly aligned and supported while you sleep.

4 Easy Steps to Better Sleep

  1. Create Your Profile
  2. You’ll be asked a few simple questions about your sleep preferences, such as which side of the bed do you generally sleep on, do you sleep on your back, side, or stomach.
  3. bed MATCH Analysis
  4. You then lie on the bedMATCH test bed for 3 minutes, while the bedMATCH diagnostic system uses statistical measurements and the aforementioned more than 1,000 scientific calculations to assess your needs for postural support.
  5. Mattress Recommendations
  6. The Kingsdown mattress technology then gives you color-coded recommendations for mattresses that provide proper postural support and identifies all the mattress that fit your profile.
  7. Choose Your Perfect Mattress
  8. Using the bedMATCH recommendations as a guide, you can lie down on each of the mattresses recommended for you and select the one that gives you like best.
The combination of science-based recommendations and personal preference lets you find the mattress that gives you the best support. The next time you are mattress shopping, visit the Baer’s Furniture showroom near you to take advantage or the Kingsdown mattress technology and find your perfect mattress match.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Kitchen Window Treatments for a Stylish Cooking Area

The kitchen it the heart of every home. It’s a natural gathering place for family and friends. The evolution of the kitchen/dining room demonstrates this trend. Changing your curtains for modern window treatments will instantly revive the space. And since this is the space where you spend a lot of time preparing meals, eating, hanging out with friends, and increasingly, entertaining, your kitchen window treatments are worthy of the same attention you give the décor in other parts of your home.

There are so many possibilities for kitchen window treatments these days that you don’t have go with curtains. The shape and style of your kitchen windows will influence the type of window treatment you choose, but keeping that in mind, you can choose anything from minimalist design to bold colors. When choosing materials, it is important to keep in mind that anything near the stove or sink is in the line of fire for spatter, grease, and odors. The material you choose will make a difference in how easy your kitchen window treatments are to maintain.

Below are some ways to add style to your kitchen windows.

Faux Wood Blinds

As elegant-looking as real wood but more durable, faux wood blinds are ideal for kitchen window treatments. They come in a variety of colors and can withstand the moisture, heat, and food splatters common in the kitchen. These features make them perfect for the kitchen.

Roller Shades

You spend a lot of time in your kitchen both cooking and cleaning. Why suffer with an ugly window treatment? Neat, minimalistic roller shades provide the ideal solution. The roll up neatly when not in use, letting in light and letting you enjoy the view. The also easily roll down for privacy when needed. In addition, you can easily wipe them down when needed.

Solar Shades

Sometimes called “window sunglasses”, solar shade preserve the outside view and reduce incoming light at the same time. You can grab a cup of coffee in the mourning without squinting through the glare, but still benefit from a light, airy feel in your kitchen. They have a range of 3% to 14% openness values, so you can decide how much light you want coming in during the day and home much of your outdoor view you want to see. The lower the openness value, the less light they let come in.

Roman Shades

Soft and elegant, roman shades can show off your personals style in the kitchen. They let you easily bring bold patters or bright colors into the kitchen. They also create a traditional atmosphere that makes everyone feel instantly at home. In general, wood floors and cabinets are the main players in kitchen décor. By using fabric roman shades to break up the space, your kitchen becomes a comfortable and inviting space.

Did you know that Baer’s Furniture also sells window treatments? Visit the Baer’s furniture near you to see the entire line of window treatments available. And while you are there, take advantage of the free design service and speak with a design professional who can help you choose the perfect window treatments for your kitchen.

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Friday, September 30, 2016

Tips on Designing Your Bedroom with Dark Wood Furniture from Bernhardt

Redecorating your bedroom can be a lot of fun, but can also be fraught with peril. This personal space requires a great deal of thought and planning — an uncomfortable space will mean poor sleep and can create a general feeling of disharmony. There are a lot of things to keep in mind: the color of the wood, the size and scale of the pieces, and the style of the furniture. With careful planning, you’ll end up with a special retreat that suits your style and lets your personality shine through.

A fresh update on traditional design, the Miramont Collection from Bernhardt balances glamour and refinement perfect for contemporary homes.<


Go Dark

While light furniture creates a bright, airy atmosphere, you shouldn’t overlook dark wood furniture when designing your bedroom. Dark wood furniture has a bad rap for making rooms feel smaller, but a carefully thought-out and planned-out layout can stunningly highlight dark furniture. Paired with lighter design elements, a bedroom centered around dark furniture exudes luxury and relaxation.

Lighten It Up

If you choose to go with dark bedroom furniture, remember to use lighter, complementary colors throughout the room. The deep, rich tones of your main pieces will command the most attention and the lighter elements will draw the eye out and around the room, ensuring an optimal feeling of spaciousness. In the stunning bedroom shown above, the space is maximized by using dark furniture and lighter colors for interest and contrast.

The Miramont Bed, with its dark sable finish, takes center stage flanked by matching nightstands that feature unique metal drawer pulls. The night stands provide the ideal resting place for a metallic modern-style lamp with a square cream-colored shade. The bright white walls and cream area rug create contrast while the chocolate brown draperies tie everything back to the dark wood furniture.

The Choice Is Yours

Buying bedroom furniture can be stressful — the bedroom is such a personal and important room in the house. Bedrooms should be serene and restful, yet the furniture in them must also be practical. A bedroom sets will ensure that your furniture gives you a cohesive look. However, a good approach is to consider each piece individually, and determine what size bed, dresser, and so on, best suit your needs and then for a set that includes the pieces you need. Regardless of how you choose your bedroom furniture, it should be comfortable, practical, and above all delight your senses. After all, you are the one whose opinion really matters.

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Monday, September 19, 2016

How to Pick the Right Gray Paint Colors to Complement Your Décor

In the past few years, the color gray has undergone a makeover – at least its reputation has. Once considered dull, gloomy, drab, and dreary, gray is now considered elegant, sophisticated, and glamorous. Below is a breakdown of the many shades of gray and how to use gray paint colors to complement your décor.

bernhardt criteria collection baers

Silver Gray:

Light gray paint colors often look silver, and appear luminous in a well-lit space. No gloom and doom here. When paired with white, silvery grays create a stunning, elegant, and serene atmosphere perfect for an elegant dining room. Add a bold accent, such as a dark wood table or an area rug with a bold geometric print and let the silver shine.

Medium Gray:

Surprisingly, yellow and gray combine to create a cheery, informal room. Many people are slow to use yellow, it can easily overwhelm a space. However, vivid yellow accents with a soft medium gray will give you just enough color to brighten up your mood.


Known as the color that took over Pinterest, this combination of gray and beige is easy on the eyes. This warm and cozy gray is a great choice for a studio, home office, or craft room.

bernhardt mirabelle bedroom furniture baers

Slate Gray:

Although putting neutrals together seems counterintuitive, they can work if you also incorporate different textures. So, yes, you can use gray with beige, tan, and other neutrals. Above, the slate gray wall provides a backdrop for the stained wood bedroom furniture.

Nature's Gray:

Gray paint colors are becoming a popular choice for kitchens. This warm and inviting gray is perfect for the space that is a huge gathering spot in your home. If you are not sure, look to nature for inspiration and you’ll see many variations of this warm shade of gray.


Like all neutrals, gray provides endless possibilities and allows you to introduce other hues. Don't forget to use patterns and textures to create depth. By including a mix of bright colors and whimsical patterns, you can keep pewter gray from seeming too drab.

lexington shadow play bedroom furniture

Blue Gray:

Gray with blue undertones create a serene, steel-like look that is perfect for cooling any room that gets constant sun during the day. Especially nice in a bedroom, a cool blue accent wall and chic bedroom furniture set the tone for rest and relaxation.

Purple Gray:

Dark gray walls with purple undertones are a great way to create a casual space. Look for gray paint colors that lean towards blue or black.

Charcoal Gray:

The subdued mood created by deep charcoal gray walls is perfect of a bedroom. Although bright yellow is a common accent color for charcoal gray, lime green, burnt orange or cranberry red are also good choices to add interest to a room’s décor. These bold colors create an eye-catching contrast against the elegance of calming charcoal gray.

Subtle Gray:

A hint of gray is a subtle alternative to white. This will give you a feeling of light and openness in a small or windowless room.

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Interior Design Today: Is Wallpaper Out of Style or Back on Trend?

Once a mainstay of interior design, in recent years wallpaper was relegated to bathrooms and powder rooms. Paint became the preferred, easier, cheaper way to freshen up a room’s décor. Wallpaper also fell out of style because it didn’t fit the modern aesthetic that has been popular for the last 12 year os so. Many buyers considered it a very personal choice and difficult to install and remove.

But tastes and preferences change. Many buyers no longer remember their grandparent’s homes covered in wall-to-wall floral, striped, or velvet papers. They are now moving to wallpaper as a chic way to update a space. Here are some reasons wallpaper’s appeal for interior design is growing.

Easy On, Easy Off

The product itself has been greatly improved. And not just its appearance. Wallpaper is now much easier to hang and remove. Some are made with a non-woven substrate so it is much easier to hide surface imperfections. There are some that are made to peel and stick, so they are much easier to hang, remove, and reuse.


Fresh Patterns

The new patterns are fresher and hipper. You should consider over scaled geometrics such as kaleidoscopes or Asian-inspired themes. Tromp l’oeil photorealism that makes the wall look as if it is constructed of materials such weathered brick or wood, chevron and horizontal patterns are preferred over traditional vertical stripes or faux leather.


Many of today’s wallpapers are made with eco-friendly materials. Some are water-based prints. And some with vinyl coatings stand up better to steamy bathrooms and can be easily cleaned of fingerprints, grease, and dirt with a damp cloth.

Brighter Colors

Oranges, aquas, purples, yellows, greens, and hot pinks as well as metallic golds and silver or contrasting white and black combinations are popular. Midtone pastels have a following, and of grey, this year’s hot neutral, is also popular.


Inventive Interior Design

More inventive uses. Wallpaper is often used for more than a room’s four walls, often it is considered an accent feature, or on ceilings in between coffers or beams. And it has a myriad of uses in interior design: it can make a space seem bigger, or more intimate, or hide a problem.

Start Gradually

If you are not sure how you feel about wallpaper, start slowly. An accent wall in a bathroom is a good beginning. You can also use it to break up large areas, in a bedroom, a cozy den, a hallway or entry way, and even in a breakfast room. Be sure to choose a perky, more modern pattern if you want wallpaper in the kitchen, so that you don’t run the risk of making your kitchen look dated.

Wallpaper without Borders

Wallpaper borders are definitely out. And wallpaper whitewashing is also definitely out. Of your wallpaper’s best days are behind it, take it down and either repaper or refresh with a coat of paint.

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Monday, September 12, 2016

What's Your Style: Contemporary Elegance with Lexington Furniture

Do you like abstract art? Do you like all your stuff hidden in practical storage, or better yet, a separate storage unit? Do you own two or more books with the word “Simplify” in the title? If so, your design style just might be contemporary. Contemporary style is rooted in the less-is-more philosophy — smooth profiles vs ornamentation, subtly patterned or solid fabrics vs colorful prints, minimal accessories vs huge collections. The Laurel Canyon collection by Lexington demonstrates the best elements of contemporary style.

Baer's furniture living room set

The emphasis on line and form — the fundamentals of good design — is the source of contemporary style’s appeal. With rooms designed with ample open spaces and copious natural light, the look is airy and luxurious. But because there is no clutter, each piece means something.

Simple, Elegant Lines

Lines, planes, angles—these form the building blocks of contemporary décor. From architecture to furnishings, the style is oriented along a clear horizontal-vertical axis. The structure of the space is an essential design element. Does this mean everything has to have square corners and hard angles? Not at all. Balance the look with some curves, such as the Laurel Canyon Westgate Chair by Lexington with flared legs. Just remember to stay true to geometric forms such as circles, orbs, waves, and cylinders.

Sophisticated Neutrals

A neutral palette forms the foundation that supports contemporary design. Tone-on-tone and monochromatic colors allow the geometric lines to grab the spotlight. However, keep in mind that neutral is a broad term, so choose a shade with undertones that create interest—such as gray with a hint of blue, cream with a touch of pink, or beige with a trace of gold. If you want spot of color, use throw pillows or a boldly upholstered pieced if furniture.

Space, and Lots of It

What isn’t there is almost as important as what is there in contemporary décor. Empty space can be as striking a design element as the pieces surround it. This open design is perfect for large-scale furniture, accents, and art. However, make sure the space is anchored by using furniture groupings to create sections in a large room.

Baer's furniture accent ottoman

High-Impact Furniture

The style calls for furniture with clean lines and striking profiles — no skirts or slipcovers — instead use long, elegant tables that show a little leg. However, too many tall, spindly tables can make the space seem awkward. A pair of ottomans, such as the Laurel Canyon Wheatley Accent Ottoman, keeps the room simple and sleek while offering seating with a hint of softness.

Minimal Accessories

This is a very edited style, so no eclectic groupings, bric-a-brac, or giant collections — accessories are simple, few, and carefully curated. Every piece should add drama without taking away from the sleek and simple feel of this design style.

If you are interested in incorporating contemporary style into your home, contact a design professional at Baer’s Furniture who can help you find the perfect pieces to complete your home. Follow us on Twitter for more design inspiration.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Tips for Cleaning Your Tommy Bahama Outdoor Furniture

Routinely cleaning your outdoor furniture is the key to ensuring it stays in pristine condition. In Florida’s sunny climate, you use your outdoor furniture all year round, so ideally, you should clean it four times a year: a good rule of thumb is to do your cleaning at the beginning and end of winter—since that is when it is likely to be used the most — and a few times in between. Below are some tips on how to keep your outdoor furniture fresh and clean.

baers tommy bahama outdoor furniture

Teak, Wicker, and Wood

  • Use mixture of warm water and Murphy Oil Soap, or another mild oil-based soap.
  • Make your own cleaning solution by mixing 1 quart warm water, 2 tablespoons white vinegar, and 1⁄4 cup ammonia.
  • Apply a commercial wood cleaner — these are sometimes the most effective — but be sure to read and follow the directions closely. Note: painted woods and wicker may require a diluted the solution.
  • Sand and apply a fresh coat of protective finish such a stain, oil, or polyurethane on outdoor furniture made of hard woods.
  • Hose down your wicker furniture every couple of weeks or so to keep dirt from building up in the crevices.
  • Protect wood outdoor furniture by wiping it down wood regularly — after each use will keep you on track—to remove debris, dirt, and excess water.

Wrought Iron, Cast Iron, Aluminum, and Other Metals

  • Remove as much oxidation (rust) as possible from your aluminum furniture before you clean it. Use a 1:1 mixture of white vinegar and water, or a metal polishing paste.
  • Avoid using alkaline cleaners such as trisodium phosphate (TSP) and ammonia, these can cause oxidation.
  • Preserve your aluminum furniture’s luster by washing it frequently.
  • Use a soft cloth and nonabrasive cleanser such as Soft Scrub to remove scuff marks.
  • Fight rust by sanding it off, the wipe the metal residue off with a cloth dampened with naptha or mineral spirits.
  • Apply a coat of automotive wax — two coats for iron furniture — to protect it after cleanings.
tommy bahama aviano chair


Note: Dish detergents or other home cleaning solutions are the most effective for cleaning glass table tops.
  • Remove stuck-on debris using a nonabrasive, glass-safe, material — most scrub brushes will scratch the glass, so use one designed to tackle touch jobs without ruining your furniture.
  • Use white vinegar or glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth or paper towel to de-streak the glass after the initial cleaning.
  • Wipe down the underside of the glass table top monthly to prevent irreversible grime.
  • Cover your glass table when it is not being used to keep it clear of dirt and debris.
  • Repair small chips and scratches in the glass with an automotive glass-repair kit.

Plastic and Other Hard-Resin Materials

Cleaning Solutions:
  • 1 gallon warm water mixed with 1/2 cup washing soda
  • 1 gallon warm water mixed with 3 tablespoons automatic dishwasher detergent
  • For colored plastic: 1 quart warm water mixed with 1⁄4 cup vinegar
  • For white plastic: chlorine and bleach will eat away the plastic so should be avoided.
  • For stubborn stains: wipe down the piece with a clean rag dampened with white vinegar.
  • Use baking soda and a wet sponge to remove stains without scratching surfaces. Abrasive cleansers with scratch plastic.
  • Spray WD-40 in the plastic and wipe clean with a dry cloth to restore shine.
  • Protect your furniture with a coat of automotive wax once cleaned.
Your outdoor furniture will stand the test of time — and the Florida elements — if you give it the proper care. Stop by the Baer’s Furniture showroom nearest you to find outdoor furniture that is a functional as it is beautiful. Follow us on Twitter for more design inspiration.

Please read and follow the directions on the labels of all cleaning products, this information should be used at your own risk, Baer’s Furniture is not responsible for any adverse results. .