Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Pleasures Of Mahogany

While growing up, we all dream about transforming into a more elegant version of ourselves, yet we still want to stay fresh enough to be approachable. The best way to become “elegantly-fresh” is to actually live this way. This is why it is so important to get rid of the low quality furniture from our childhoods and move up to high quality, long-lasting furniture pieces offered at Baer’s.
One of the most solid, yet elegant wood décors to start with is mahogany. Its warmth and elegance project the classic image that conveys maturity and quality. Its strong and attractive wood grain reflects resilience and durability. Top quality pieces are made of top quality materials and mahogany is one of them. The luxury and sophistication that this material exudes is undeniable and can be appreciated as soon as you enter the room.
The Kensington Place Seven Piece Dining Set by Lexington will make your living room stand out. This is a great place to host Thanksgiving dinner or even a birthday celebration. The chocolate finish on the mahogany wooden veneers contrasts well with the crème textured fabric of the chairs. You can add fresh flowers to decorate this piece to perfection.
Lexington Kensington Place 7 Piece Dining Set

The Island Traditions Traditional Sheffield Square Cocktail Table with Glass Top and Fluted Legs by Tommy Bahama is another example of mahogany at its best. The mahogany veneers encompass a beautiful glass top to form an excellent coffee table. Fill this piece with your favorite books and share memories over a cup of tea.
Tommy Bahama Sheffield Square Cocktail Table
If you want to see more mahogany pieces, visit us at www.baers.com or stop by one of our showrooms today. Our complimentary interior designers are more than happy to help you incorporate these classic elements into your home and will show you the best ways to display them.

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