Monday, September 28, 2015

Charm With Cottage Furniture

There are so many reasons to adore the charm a cottage piece may offer. One can truly feel comfortable in their own skin with the warmth and tranquility that is emanated by these picturesque furniture pieces. You can easily identify a cottage element by its wooden craftsmanship. Carefully crafted to create a homey feel, these pieces usually hide their elegance in the details, making you search for it. Cottage pieces also have a natural feel to them that can easily elevate the mood of your spaces. Finally, you can enjoy the sturdy and practical aspect embedded in its design. No matter how petite or delicate your cottage piece may look, you can always relay on them to withstand their growth and last a lifetime.
The Cypress Grove Cottage Style Bachelor's Chest with Honeycomb Pattern comes in a glazed white parchment finish. The honeycomb design and playful triangle pattern is what makes this an essential piece in your home or country cottage. The delicate legs lift this chest off the floor adding a hint of chicness to this chest. Adorn this piece with live flowers to maximize the natural feel this it brings.

The Cypress Grove Cottage Style Dresser with Mirror is a great addition to any home with its panel pattern on this parchment finish. The craftsmanship on the mirror alone is enough to make this cottage-style piece a must have. This is a great place to put your collection of perfumes and lotions used during your morning rituals.
baers Cypress Grove Cottage Style Dresser with Mirror
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