Monday, September 14, 2015

Furniture To Improve Your Mood

You may not be aware of this notion but physical space can greatly affect your mood. There is something about the combined arrangement of your furniture that can disrupt your mood and cause you to feel uneasy the second you walk in the room.

Fortunately, this can all be fixed with a little fengshui and must have furniture pieces from Baer’s extraordinary selections. You’d be surprised how greatly your mood can improve in your home when you play around with your d├ęcor.

In order to create a more relaxing environment, you want to add to your spaces anything with crystals, glass, water, or mirrors. A great example of this is the Home Buffet & Hutch China Cabinet from the Paula Deen collection. The glass showcase on the wooden texture makes this piece resonate with tranquility. Furniture colors can also have an impact on your mood, this piece in white will give the room an aura of cleanliness and vibrancy.
Home Buffet & Hutch China Cabinet

If you want to add creativity and flexibility to your spaces, the Bali Hai Balencia Gentleman's Chest by Tommy Bahama is definitely the way to go. The wood brings a sense of stability to the room and it matches well with florals and patterns that accentuate its rustic charm.

Lastly, light is one of the simplest ways to harmonize your space, so pull back those drapes and your home be your favorite place to relax. If you want to see the wide variety of styles we have to offer at Baer’s Furniture, you can find us at online or you can visit one of our sixteen locations.

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