Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Make the Office Work for You

Your home office is an essential place for you and your livelihood. Most of us spend our off hours in our home office organizing our lives and taking care of the necessities such as paying bills and maintaining our finances. The last feeling you want when walking into your office is overwhelmed.

At Baer’s we want to help you organize your life and spend more time on fun activities. With a few simple tips and great, versatile furniture pieces, you can keep everything in its rightful place.
Your desk is the centerpiece of your office for more than one reason. Yes, it is there to help maintain a certain amount of order, but it’s also a main focal point that can make or break your overall style and comfort. Choosing a design that is versatile and appealing is simple.

If you want your items to be shown in a neat and organized way, choosing a complete office design like the Hooker Cherry Creek collection is ideal. The earthy tones and grainy wood facade, enhances the ambiance of the room, making you feel cozy but professional. These pieces also allow for functionality offering utility drawers and singularly placed shelves, making it easy to organize your space.

Choosing a sophisticated and efficient bookshelf is also important. First, you need to decide on your office needs and what you want to display. A bookshelf like the one in the Solana collection allows you to highlight valuables and awards with its top-shelf lighting but also caters to your storage needs with the bottom closed door shelving.

Don’t believe just how a great desk and bookshelf combination can look? Visit us at www.baers.com or a Baer’s showroom today. Perhaps a new office clean-up and some organization will help you boost creativity and production.

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