Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Baer’s Storage Solutions

Have you ever heard anybody say, “We have too much storage space?” It’s always the opposite! Usually, you don’t have enough space to put all of your valuables where they belong. At Baer’s Furniture you can find the best storage solutions possible. We stand by our most celebrated furniture collections and have the customer satisfaction reviews to prove it.
Our Baer’s interior designers are up to date on all of the latest trends in furniture storage. One of the most recent ideas is called “specialized storage” Specialized storage focuses on creating an entire room that revolves around storage, like custom closets and super-pantry’s. It helps to minimize clutter in a main living area and maintain a peaceful ,relaxing setting where you need it the most. Baer’s has experience with creating specialized storage room by showcasing some of the best designers and making available some of the top rated quality pieces on the market.
When you envision your perfect custom pantry, keep the Paula Deen River House Collection Pantry in mind. Its beautiful glass display will allow you to easily see where all of your essentials are located. Plus, there is only one more word more synonymous with pantries and dining than Paula Deen, and that’s Baer’s!
Baers Paula Deen River House Collection Pantry

If you’re looking for anymore tips on how to help your storage space, visit a Baer’s showroom today or Our complimentary designers will help you get on track with everything you need to stay organized. And don’t forget to submit your review of our furniture collections through all of our social media outlets. At Baer’s we always appreciate your feedback and support.

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