Monday, June 8, 2015

Make Your Office Work

Your office is essential to your success. It’s the place where some of your best ideas come together and translate into personal accomplishments. You should feel comfortable and productive in your office and in order to do that you need to make the space as effective as you need to be at work.
How organized your office is can say a lot about your workflow and mindset. Even if you have an organized mess, does it really help you concentrate when you look around and everything is disorganized?
Thankfully, Baer’s can help. You can consult with one of our design professionals to make your home office into the most productive space possible. “You don’t need to sacrifice style for function,” says Syril Lebbad, a designer for Baer's. “If you’re going for a traditional look, but want to still hide the chaos, look at the sophistication of the Telluride Collection by Hooker Furniture. Its dark hardwood and detailed carvings add a powerful element to the room that will turn any office into a professional and organized work space.”

simple furniture solutions

Make the office work for you with simple furniture solutions that path the way for organization and innovation. You never know, letting go of the unnecessary mess may provide more room for better and stronger business ideas. Find out how to make your home work for you by visiting one of our Baer’s Furniture locations or

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