Friday, February 9, 2018

How to Add Accent Colors to Your Home Décor

Adding accent colors to your home can be intimidating. How much, which ones, where to put them, are all questions that may run through your head when thinking about accent colors for your home. Or, maybe you worry you will have to redo your entire home if you change one color.

Here're a few ways to liven up your home decor with accent colors that enhance your current decor.

lwxington shadow play baers furniture

Paint an Accent Wall

Accent walls are a mainstay for interior decorators, and for good reason. Painting an accent wall is a quick and easy way to add a punch of color to any room. It can change the focal point of a room without getting into a major design project.
Choose a bold, contrasting color featured in your upholstery for a living room or a subtle tone slightly darker than the other walls for a bedroom. For example, the light blue-gray behind the dresser with its wire brushed taupe wood finish creates a casual chic atmosphere that brings calm to a busy home.

Add Some Throw Pillows

Strategically placed pillows can really add color to your space. No matter if you choose patterned pillows for a solid chair or sofa, or solid ones for a floral chair or sofa, these small additions will add just the right amount of color and up the comfort level in your decor.

Bring in Some Greens

Flowers and plants add fragrance, color, personality, and life to your living room, dining room, or kitchen. If you don't have a green thumb, choose ones that require little care. Or choose some of the wonderful artificial plants available. Instead of watering, all you will have to do is dust.

Add Color to the Floor

A colorful throw rug placed under a coffee table or in front of a chair will add both color and texture to a living room. Choose a contrasting color that goes with the upholstery you are using in the room. Or find one with an interesting pattern that highlights the decor of your room.

Add a Mirror

Yep, the old add a mirror trick. It's always mentioned because it always works. Place a large mirror with an interesting frame on a bare, boring wall. The mirror will reflect color from other pieces in the room and add light to the space.

Hang a Colorful Piece of Art

A colorful piece of art placed over the sofa or bed introduces shapes and colors you may not be able to use in a different area. Another option for adding a decorative touch is framing simple photos with bright frames and colorful mats.

Add a Blanket or Throw

A textured woven throw or cozy, colorful blanket will add interest when draped over a sofa, ottoman, or bench. Select a color that accents other pieces in the room. This is a practical touch that will come in handy when watching TV or reading a book.

Adding a few of these small touches will amp up the color in your room. And if you don't like them, you can easily switch them out for something else until you get just what you want.

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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

5 Creative Ways to Incorporate Collections into Your Interior Design

Whatever you collect, it does you no good if it is hidden away in a box. Finishing a room with a handful – or more – of personal treasures adds a little bit of your personality to the space. However, incorporating collections into your design is as much a science as it is an art.

media center parker house

Make a Boundary

Choose how you will display your treasures. A wall unit or entertainment center with shelves or doors will create a boundary around your collection that stops the eye and highlights your special pieces. Perfect for showing off collectibles, the Parker House Cosmopolitan 4 Piece Entertainment Wall Unit features built-in LED lighting that won’t interfere when you want to watch a movie in the dark.

Use Your Vertical Space

Gallery walls are making a comeback, so now is the time to make a display out of your art collection. When clustered together, they could make a charming display. A cluster of black and white photographs makes a stunning showpiece. Or choose a theme among your pieces of art and group them together. Use different shapes and sizes but plot them out so that they define the space.

Make Use of Small Spaces

A smaller collection may not get the attention it deserves if it has to compete with your bigger pieces. Give your bathroom some character by grouping a small collection on the wall. Antique hand mirrors, compacts, or small pieces of art all make a statement. Or show off your perfume bottle collection in a display on the vanity.

broyhill furniture apple jack rack

Give Your Display Rustic Appeal

Milk glass, old books, trophies, and terrariums share space on the Putnam Avenue Apple Jack Rack. These items would be overwhelmed by something too fancy, so the rustic appeal of this rack does the trick. The weathered appearance gives the entire display unique character and farmhouse appeal.

Use a Shadow Box

Just because it is a tried-and-true way to display your treasures doesn’t mean you can’t make it creative, especially if you have a large collection of vintage jewelry or mementos from your travels. Unify the collection by displaying your jewelry on black velvet or make a travelogue of each trip and line the shadow boxes up vertically.

Let your love and enjoyment of your collections be your inspiration. Whether your passion is tiny treasures or oversized artifacts, when you display them in an organized manner they will gather complements instead of dust.

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

How to Add the Color Green to Your Interior Décor

Elegant and calming or bright and dynamic, green color schemes always feel fresh and natural. They can be used to create soothing backgrounds or to accentuate existing interior design. Greens are so versatile that they can be used for any room or outdoor space. When combined with yellows, blues, whites, and browns, they can turn your rooms into elegant, tranquil, and harmonious spaces.

broyhill seabrooke bedroom set

Experiment with Different Greens

Try on a few different greens for size. The best way to do this is to add some green to your accessories. This means some green throw pillows or a small area rug. One fun way to add a little green if you have a neutral bedroom is to use them on your bed linens.

For example, this room's relaxing decor is brightened by the mix of greens and blues on the Seabrooke Queen Panel Bed by Broyhill. The creamy white finish on the bed lets the colors take center stage while the arched headboard and louvered shutter design maintain a soothing look and feel.

Pair Greens with Gray Tones for Natural Softness

While using bright green colors and creamy white gives a space an airy feel, shades of gray also work well with bright greens. From dark grays to platinum and light gray, this color imbues a space with natural softness. Whether you choose green furniture pieces or green on the walls, this color combination adds a serene feel to your interior. Up the ante by adding white accents to create a bold, elegant, and beautiful space.

white leather sofa natuzzi editions

Green Mixed with Neutral Browns and White

Green looks gorgeous with browns and white. This color combination gives your rooms an optimistic and happy environment. It’s hard to be depressed surrounded by a beautiful green accent wall that highlights the stylish white leather sofa. The brown throw pillows and dark wood furniture give the room fresh, elegant appeal.

Green palettes that include neutral colors are ideal for small and large rooms. Area rugs, curtains, pillows and accessories can add as little or as much green as you want to the space. A touch of green can bring a natural, fresh feel to your interior design.

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Friday, December 15, 2017

'Tis the Season for Outdoor Fire Pits

Our attraction to fire is almost primal. It keeps us warm, lights the darkness, and cooks our food. And this time of year when the Florida weather has a hint of coolness, what can be more heavenly than cozying up to a fire pit?

A fire pit is a great way to extend the usable space of your patio and a great place to entertain during the cool, or even occasional cold winter nights. Entertaining around your fire pit doesn't have to be complicated or difficult. Just think about relaxing around a crackling fire and toasting marshmallows in your own backyard.

Decide what type of fire pit you want for your outdoor space. Modern fire pits feature a touch-of-a-button fire pit control, allowing you to remotely adjust the fire to three different levels. Another feature to look out for is an ample service area that lets you accommodate your guests.

Choose the Right Fire Pit

Decide what type of fire pit you want for your outdoor space. Modern fire pits feature a touch-of-a-button fire pit control, allowing you to remotely adjust the fire to three different levels. Another feature to look out for is an ample service area that lets you accommodate your guests.

tommy bahama island estate fire pit

The Island Estate Lanai Outdoor Gas Fire Pit is as romantic as fire pits can get. The base consists of all-weather synthetic wicker with an intricate woven pattern that will draw the eye and invite the touch.

The Castelle Round Firepit with Coffee Table Extension gives you plenty of room for entertaining. It turns your patio into the perfect space for parties or romantic tete-a-tetes. It imbues any gathering with a sense of warmth and festivity.

A gorgeous piece with graceful details, the Kingstown Sedona fire pit makes the perfect place for family and friends. It features a Spanish café emperador marble top with a square inlay that reflects the glow of the fire. It creates a warm atmosphere where lasting memories are formed.

Ideas for Entertaining around Your Fire Pit

Once you've chosen the perfect fire pit, it's time to start planning the party. Follow these tips to make your evening around the fire pit a roaring success.

  1. Increase the ambiance by lighting the path to your fire pit with luminaries of lanterns. If your fire pit is on the patio, use the lighting to brighten dark corners. Add some string lights around the space for festive flair. 
  2. If temperature drops on the day of your event (even in Florida it can get pretty chilly sometimes), bring out some cozy throws or blankets for your guests. 
  3. Serve a variety of beverages, some hot and some over ice. Hot drinks could include mulled wine, buttered rum and hot toddies. Hot chocolate or cocoa are good alcohol-free options. If the night is on the warmer side, consider eggnog, winter sangria, or spicy Bloody Marys. 
  4. Offer a variety of food: choose a mix of hot and cold finger foods you can easily throw together. I like to have one or two that are more complex and a few that are easier to prepare. And of course, a selection of cookies and treats to finish the party. 

Now all you need to do is light up the fire pit and enjoy!

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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

This Is Why You Should Choose Quality Leather Furniture

Quality leather furniture with sensuously curved legs, an aura of luxury, and an undercurrent of rebellion seeks enduring relationship with family home.

Buying leather furniture is like entering into a romance: in the beginning, it is love at first sight. Then, as romance deepens into love, leather becomes more attractive and softer over time, its comforting embrace like that of a long-time lover. And yet, a little bit of the passion of the first embrace lingers.

There’s just something about quality leather furniture that is hard to resist. It’s got good looks, charm, charisma, and, of course, sex appeal. Its soft, supple look begs us to touch it and see how it feels. It appeals to the eye like few other natural materials, and it draws us in with an element of fun and surprise.

Subtle Details and Rich Texture Make Leather the Perfect Choice

Sleek and sexy – there’s that word again – the subtle details and rich texture of the Coventry Hills Alcot Leather Sofa from Lexington creates a traditional aesthetic, the “Little Black Dress” of leather furniture, with classic good looks that bring a little glamour into your home. It’s cool, collected look draws equally from the past and the present into a design that is both timeless and edgy.

Not everyone thinks about their furniture in this way, but leather connoisseurs know that real leather’s soft, yet strong texture is hard-wearing and built to last. The unique natural characteristics of leather give your home a feeling elegance and prestige. It is also easy to take care of when properly maintained. Just a quick wipe-down with a clean, damp cloth.

quality leather furniture lexington

Top 3 Reasons People Choose Leather Furniture for Their Homes

There are reasons that rock stars wear those pants: fashion, comfort, and sex appeal. These are also the top three reasons people choose leather for their homes. If you think a retro leather sofa means tacky and kitsch, take a look at the TAKE FIVE Whitehall Tufted Sofa by Lexington. Far from being old and stodgy, this leather sofa vibrates with chic simplicity and subtle charm that feels at home in any space.

But genuine leather furniture has more than good looks and aesthetic appeal going for it. Quality leather furniture will last four times as long as most fabrics and gets better looking as time goes by. What some might call wear and tear, leather furniture takes in stride.

Over time, leather develops an attractive patina and character that makes few things in this world more inviting than a well-loved leather chair.

What to Look for When Shopping for Leather Furniture

When shopping for leather furniture, be sure to touch the leather, sink into it, and let its warmth surround you. This way you can be sure to select the piece that looks and feels the best.

Top-grain leather furniture breathes: it feels cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This makes it perfect for the almost endless summer in South Florida, as well as the sometimes cooler days of a Central Florida winter.

When I say leather breathes, I mean that natural oils and moisture moving back and forth on the leather keep it soft and supple. Your skin doesn’t stick to it and it quickly adjusts to temperature changes.

I could go on about what makes leather a beautiful, comfortable choice for furniture. With the right touch and the right eye, leather furnishings easily can be worked into any home. Stop in at the Baer’s Furniture store near you to see all of our 100% Genuine Leather furniture pieces.

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Baer’s Furniture Reviews from Summer 2017

In today's competitive furniture market, furniture stores have to go the extra mile to offer the best prices and outstanding customer service. Luckily for Baer's Furniture, this is nothing new. These customer reviews explain why Baer's has been a part of the South Florida community for almost 50 years.

“Our experience with Baer's Furniture was wonderful from the start... We asked for his advice and he responded in kind with facts, figures & opinions, which all led into making our choice. … It was awesome!!
-- Burt Brage
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“… Mercedes was very helpful … Relatively easy process. … delivery personnel were courteous and efficient.”
-- Susan Katz
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“Excellent experience. … Excellent design supervision and recommendations by Todd who was very attuned to my personal style & vision. … A very pleasant experience.”
-- Shaun Coulter
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“Great experience!!! Todd was wonderful. … Great delivery and great crew. Very professional. My house looks beautiful.”
-- Maria Moy
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“Baers has great service ... from Jim in sales at the West Palm store to delivery ... thanks, Dan and Karen Smith.”
-- Dan Smith
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“… thank you Larry for making this sale go so smoothly!”
-- Isabel Alexander
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“Jim P. my sales rep. at the WPB store is absolutely the best!! Love everything I have bought from Baer Furniture.”
-- Kurt Doeren
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“… The delivery personnel were very helpful, polite, and went out of their way for us. They made sure everything was working properly and even centered the couch for me and made sure it was out from the wall just right. You can be proud of them. …”
-- Linda Dixon
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“… Kristian, he is my go-to furniture expert. Professional, knowledgeable and excellent customer service with EVERY interaction. He manages the entire transaction to the end and follows up later to be sure I'm enjoying my purchase(s). … I recommend Baers …”
-- Lori Levy
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“We worked with Susan on finding bedroom furniture. She made things very easy and gave good recommendations. … I would certainly use Baer's again.”
-- Deborah Watts
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“ … the delivery personnel were exemplary and very professional. They appeared to enjoy their job. To me that says a lot about the company.”
-- Cindy Engebretson
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As a family business now in its 4th generation, Baer's Furniture isn't going anywhere. You can count on Baer's for quality, value, and professional customer service.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

6 Things You Can Do with Your "Empty Nest" Room

Maybe you hesitated when your kids were in college because they would come home from time to time and needed a place to stay. We know it’s a tender time when your children are ready to leave the nest, but now that they are grown and flown, it’s time to reclaim some square footage for yourself. Whether you choose indulgent, useful, or practical, here’re a few ideas on how to transform those empty bedrooms your children have left behind.

empty nest guest room makeover

1. Guest Room

The first, and most obvious, choice for an empty bedroom is making it into a guest room. This serves several purposes. It gives your kids a place to stay, if they come to visit, where they’ll always feel welcome. However, you can transform it from your child’s personal space into a calming, welcoming room where your guests will feel at home. Remove old posters, photos, trophies, and other awards, and put them in storage. Give the room a fresh coat of paint, upgrade the bed to at least a double if it is smaller, with plenty of pillows, and a bedside table. If you have the space, a chair or end-of-the-bed bench is a nice touch.

2. Home Office

A home office is no longer a luxury, as more people telecommute or work as independent contractors, it has become a necessity. It’s easier to be motivated and productive when you have a space where you can shut the door and focus. You’ll need a desk and a comfortable chair, of course, and a place to store supplies and papers.

3. Walk-In Closet/Dressing Room

Why not create the closet of your dreams? If you’ve put up with a tiny closet for far too long, a spare bedroom makes a perfect walk-in closet. The luxury of spreading out as you get dressed and having a small sanctuary you can retreat to is a great way to use an empty room in your home. Add shelves, plenty of good lighting, a full-length mirror, and a dressing table with a chair.

4. Library

If you are a book lover, a home library will give you all the space you need to collect, display, and read. If you don’t want to dedicate a whole room to your reading habit, you can commandeer a corner in your new guest room. Adding shelves to a wall or two and stocking them with books is a good way to store your favorites and give your guests plenty of reading material. You can add some personal items such as vacation mementos, family photos, and other keepsakes to create a warm, welcoming vibe for your guests.

5. Man Cave

A man cave doesn’t have to be in the garage, it can just as easily be in a spare bedroom. Whether listening to loud music or watching sporting events, having a place to call his own is a good thing for him – and his significant other. When the nest is empty, there are plenty of opportunities to spend time together, so space for a little time apart can’t be bad. A man cave can also double as a dressing room for him, with closets, shelves, and storage.

6. Lady Lair

Create a meditation, exercise, or craft room where you can indulge in what you love best. If you have a bathroom adjacent to your extra room, you can turn it into the ultimate spa experience, complete with a steam shower, Jacuzzi bathtub, vanity, a TV, and whatever else you need for complete relaxation. Add a treadmill or stationary bike in one corner, along with an exercise ball and a yoga mat for stretching. Paint the walls a soothing neutral, add a plush area rug, and a comfy chair for meditating, reading, or napping. Or, if you prefer, choose a daybed or some big, comfy pillows for the floor. Put the lights on a dimmer so you can control the amount of ambient light in the room.

Whatever you decide, whether it be guest quarters, a yoga studio, or a personal retreat, an empty nest gives you the opportunity to create the home of your dreams, one empty room at a time.

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